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Harwood Dental Care

How To Become A Member at Harwood Dental Care

Put yourself first, and upgrade your dental health care with expert practitioners who truly prioritise their patients’ welfare – choose Harwood Dental Care based in Harwood, Bolton.

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What To Expect From Your First Appointment At Harwood Dental Care in Bolton

Even when you know that you’re upgrading your healthcare with credible, highly experienced practitioners within state of the art facilities, it is nice to know what to expect ahead of your first appointment…

“Excellent service by professional people, investing in the very latest technology, from instant photos of problem areas thrown on a large screen monitor showing exactly what is being recommended, to the latest 3D scanner so if like me you suffer from a very sensitive gag reflex big bulky moulds for caps bridges etc are a thing of the past, made to feel welcome and at ease from the moment you enter, would highly recommend!”

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How Could Our Dental Hygienist Enhance Your Smile?

We all strive for the aesthetic of great teeth, but what about behind your smile? The Dental Hygienists at our Bolton dentistry have 50 years of combined experience, and work to address your dental concerns whilst preventing further health problems from developing. With regular check-up appointments you can massively reduce your chances of needing additional dental treatments!

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Children’s Services at Harwood Dental Care

Instilling good dental habits in children from a young age is vital for a healthy future! Harwood Dental Care in Bolton is proud to brand itself as a family-friendly practice, with specialised services for our younger patients to make dental appointments and education as fun and engaging as possible! Many of our team are parents, and use their perspective to create a welcoming, friendly and child-friendly atmosphere to make your children feel comfortable.

"Absolutely Fantastic Service. My 6 year old daughter always looks forward to visiting the dentists. They make her feel very comfortable and make the visit a happy and fun experience." – P. Patel

"My children were put at ease and treated with respect and care by Dipesh and the dental nurse. My teenage boy said he felt at ease and not patronised. Super friendly and professional." - T. Neary-Taggart

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Support For Nervous Patients at Harwood Dental Care

We understand that visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking for some patients, who have had negative experiences at previous practices, or who have experienced dental anxiety from a young age. At Harwood Dental Care in Bolton, we work hard to ensure that dental phobia does not lead to dental neglect, so offer a variety of services and treatments to make all of our visitors feel comfortable.

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Cutting Edge Technology Within State-Of-The-Art Facilities

At Harwood Dental Care, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest technological advancements in dentistry.

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In Need Of Urgent Care? You Can Rely On Harwood Dental Care

When you find yourself in severe pain and discomfort, you need a service that you can rely on. At Harwood Dental Care in Bolton we set aside time everyday to treat patients in need of urgent care, and are committed to treating said patients as soon as possible.

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