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The signs of mouth cancer

When mouth cancer is caught early, the chances of survival increase to nine out of ten cases which are amazing odds. However, knowing the warning signs of mouth is crucial to its detection, so to help bolster these odds we’re helping ourRead More

Why should I replace missing teeth?

If you have missing teeth, are you considering replacing them? Maybe you are, and maybe you aren’t, but it’s actually far more necessary than you might think. Some people are happy to leave gaps in their teeth, but these people leave themselvesRead More

Are Invisalign better than braces?

Braces have been a stalwart in teeth straightening for decades. They’ve come in many iterations, such as the options that we’re proud to provide, but they’re never one-hundred percent done with their development. In fact, Invisalign have taken fixed braces and developedRead More

Four Halloween Tips For Oral Care

What holiday worries dentists everywhere? Halloween. Although it’s a time for shrieks, costumes and lots of candy, this haunted holiday can wreak havoc on your kids’ (and your) teeth. But it doesn’t have to. Avoid a filling appointment by following these HalloweenRead More

Home teeth whitening tips for a Hollywood smile

Whiter teeth scream health, happiness, and general cleanliness, which is probably why most A-listers and stars have sparkly pearly whites. Daydreaming about having a gleaming smile isn’t an impossible reality, not with some of our home whitening tips and techniques! Would youRead More

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a term you’ve probably heard, but you’re unsure of what it actually constitutes. However, we guarantee you already know what it is, you just don’t realise because it’s hiding behind its medical name! Gingivitis, or gingiva, is the first stageRead More

Is dental phobia real?

There are plenty of ways to spend half an hour in the afternoon: have a quick lunch, catch up on a television show you missed, or visit your dentist for a routine check-up. We know that the latter may not be theRead More

What to do if you have loose teeth

Gone are the days of the tooth fairy visiting you to reward you for your loose tooth! This was so exciting when we were younger, but if you’re an adult experiencing a loose tooth then you’re probably feeling the opposite of elated.Read More

How to look after your child’s baby teeth

Introducing your children to proper dental care is so important when teaching them lessons for life. Just like washing their hands, cleaning their teeth should become an important part of their health and self-care. Kids will be kids though, and they’ll tryRead More

What does mouthwash actually do?

There are so many advice columns and products out there touting dental health, do we really need all of them? We all brush our teeth, we all (hopefully) floss, but the jury is out on whether mouthwash is necessary or not. IfRead More