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Cosmetic Braces

If you are looking for a quick, effective method for straightening your teeth, and achieving the perfect smile, then look no further – our selection of braces in Bolton are the solution you are looking for.

  • Get a straighter smile in less than 6 weeks
  • Discrete brace options available
  • No need to limit your lifestyle

Options for Cosmetic Braces in Bolton

Inman Aligner

These teeth straightening aligners can work in as little as 6 weeks. They are perfect for mild to moderate problems with the front, top and bottom teeth, and can correct crowded or protruding front teeth. Safe, quick and very cost effective, the Inman aligner system is low impact and removable so there is no need to limit your diet or lifestyle as there is with fixed traditional braces.

Simply Smile

These discreet braces are made of clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires, helping them blend to the colour of your natural teeth. Simply Smile specifically targets your front six teeth, working to improve your cosmetic smile rather than any biting issues that you might have. This form of adult braces in Bolton, is far quicker at improving your smile than traditional orthodontics because of how targeted it is, so this may be the solution for your smile.

For more information about getting adult braces in Bolton or to book an appointment, please contact Harwood Dental Care today! Call us on 01204 304568, email or complete our appointment form.

Cosmetic Braces before & After Gallery

*Individual results may vary.

Harwood Dental Care | Dentist Bolton

What to expect during your cosmetic dentistry treatment

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Initial examination of what needs to be done

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Have your cosmetic braces fitted

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Wear your braces for the required period of time

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Enjoy your straighter smile!

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Common Cosmetic Braces Questions

How long do braces take to straighten teeth?

This depends on the individual case, and on the type of brace being used, but with certain braces, such as the Inman Aligner, results can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks!

Can I eat as I did before while wearing my brace?

If your brace is removable, yes. The Inman Aligner is one such brace, meaning that you can continue to eat just as you did before.

Will my braces draw attention?

Our braces in Harwood are discrete. Our Simply Smile braces, for example, are made of clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires, meaning the braces blend in perfectly with your teeth.

How much are braces?

The cost of braces can vary based on factors such as the type of braces you get and the severity of your case. Schedule a consultation with our team to get a personalised estimate based on your specific needs.

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