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Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces at Harwood are the revolutionary clear dental brace, which provides an effective, invisible, solution for straightening teeth. The Invisalign aligners have succeeded in encapsulating comfort and great results in a single product, helping you get the smile you have always wanted.

  • Invisalign offers levels of comfort superior to metal braces
  • More visually appealing than traditional metal braces
  • Aligners are accurately developed with the latest technology

Invisalign in Harwood, Bolton

Invisalign is the revolutionary ‘invisible’ teeth-straightening solution; a discrete, comfortable method of getting the smile you always wanted – no longer will you need to refrain from smiling whilst wearing your brace! Invisalign braces are easily removable, meaning you can continue to eat and drink without the pain and hygiene issues that come with traditional metal braces.

The straightening process itself is also less painful: Invisalign guides your teeth into their correct positions in a far gentler manner than traditional methods. At an initial consultation, you will be invited to discuss any concerns and pose any questions that you might have. We will also gain a greater understanding of how to approach your Invisalign treatment. As part of your Invisalign treatment in Harwood, a series of clear, lightweight and custom-made aligners will be tailored specifically to you and your teeth. Your Invisalign braces must be worn for 20-22 hours a day for optimal results, and be changed every 7-14 days to ensure that the teeth are guided into the right position in the most effective way. Treatment often takes 6-18 months to be completed – varying with each individual case – and regular progress checks will be made along the way.

Includes iTero Simulated Treatment Outcome Scan

The iTero Dental Scanner is a remarkable piece of equipment which, after digitally scanning your teeth and gums, will create a 3D simulation of how your teeth could look at the end of the Invisalign treatment. Not only does the iTero scanner allow these simulations, but it is also time-effective, yielding highly accurate impressions. After the scan, a 3D model of your mouth will allow us to produce your very own Invisalign aligners and retainers.

For more information about getting Invisalign in Harwood, Bolton, please contact Harwood Dental Care today! Call us on 01204 304568, email or complete our appointment form.

Invisalign Harwood | Invisalign Braces Bolton | Harwood Dental Care

Invisalign Harwood | Invisalign Braces Bolton | Harwood Dental Care

Invisalign Before & After Gallery

*Individual results may vary.

Harwood Dental Care | Dentist Bolton

What to expect during your Invisalign treatment in Harwood

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

A close examination and understanding of what needs to be done

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

If you’re a suitable candidate, we will take diagnostic x-rays and impressions

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Receive a treatment plan, detailing your treatment journey

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Receive your new Invisalign aligners!

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How Invisalign Braces work

Why you should choose Invisalign Braces

Common Invisalign Questions

What is Invisalign?

Similar to traditional braces, Invisalign offers the same capabilities addressing your bite and misalignment. Invisalign helps credit their reputation by being able to correct overcrowding a cross bite, gapped teeth, deep bite and an underbite incognito.

Is Invisalign removable?

Invisalign are clear braces that are removable. They are not fused to your teeth with dental adhesives, wires or brackets but instead fit over your teeth. Think of a gum shield, but picture a more natural looking device which is clear and comfortable. They can also be taken out during meals, whilst cleaning your teeth, or when the opportunity for the perfect selfie arises.

Does Invisalign hurt?

The stigma of braces being painful when they are first installed is well founded. Traditional braces have always been known to be uncomfortable throughout the treatment duration. Because of their fixed nature, their wires relentlessly pull and tug into position through force. With Invisalign in Harwood, you receive a series of aligners, which are custom made for your teeth. These aligners vary very slightly from each other, allowing your teeth to be guided into the right positions through softer pressure. Not only this, but they’re made of a smooth and durable plastic that won’t harm the soft tissues in your mouth.

Do Invisalign braces have any health benefits?

Invisalign in Harwood can help protect you against cavities by straightening and aligning crowded teeth and irregular alignment in the mouth. Overlapping teeth create perfect folds and nooks for plaque and bacteria to build up and hide in. Shelter for bacteria and plaque is a huge cavity risk, so crooked teeth which are harder to clean could lead to decay and enamel erosion. Invisalign braces help straighten your teeth to create a more even surface area, which helps to provide a straighter smile and creates a surface area that is far easier to clean.

How long does Invisalign take?

This differs on a case by case basis and depends entirely on how crooked your teeth are to begin with, however some have achieved straight teeth in as little as six months! This can be discussed further with a consultation at our dental practice located in Harwood, Bolton.

Can Invisalign fix overbite?

Yes! In some cases Invisalign can be used to fix an overbite, but it is best to book a consultation and speak to our Invisalign dentist located in Harwood & Bolton to get the best advice on fixing an overbite.

Is Invisalign worth it?

Of course! Invisalign braces in Harwood & Bolton are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to address crooked or misaligned teeth and restore their confidence in their smile.

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