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Emergency Appointment

At Harwood Dental Care, an emergency dentist in Bolton, we understand that dental emergencies can arise without warning and cause great disruption in your life. This is why we reserve appointments for emergency patients every day.

  • Emergency appointments are available every day
  • Variety of emergencies treated: from broken fillings to lost crowns

Emergency Dentist Bolton

Dental emergencies arise out of the blue and can be distressing if not prepared for. It’s always a relief to know that an emergency dentist is available, and this is why we offer emergency dentist appointments every day.

Every day we ensure that appointments are kept free for emergency patients. Our team are well equipped to deal with a wide range of dental emergencies, such as chipped teeth, lost crowns, broken fillings or bleeding gums. If you are in pain or need to see a dentist urgently, please contact us as early in the day as possible so that we may give you the first available time slot.

When should I book an emergency treatment? 

The earlier the better, as this helps ensure you get the best outcome. Emergency situations can get worse over time, so seek treatment as soon as possible

When should I go to hospital instead?

If you’re in doubt as to whether your dental emergency situation requires dentist assistance or medical intervention, call the NHS number 111.

If you require an emergency dentist appointment outside of our usual opening hours, please call us on 01204 304568 and listen to the recorded message that will provide details of our on-call dentist.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01204 304568


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Harwood Dental Care Bolton
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