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Tooth Wear

If you currently have damaged or misaligned teeth and would like your smile to look straighter and healthier by getting rid of imperfections, then crowns or veneers from Harwood Dental Care in Bolton might be just the answer.

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About Tooth Wear in Harwood

Two of the treatments most frequently used in treating wear and tear on the teeth are crowns and veneers. Crowns, often known as ‘caps’, are porcelain covers used for covering or damaging unsightly teeth. The lighter shade of the porcelain material allows crowns to look completely natural and blend in with surrounding teeth. Crowns are perfect for repairing teeth that have been damaged or partially lost, perhaps through decay or accident. After the crown has been fitted, eating becomes much easier, and your self-confidence is boosted by your tooth’s improved appearance.

Similarly, veneers are used to treat unsightly, cracked or discoloured teeth, and can also help to close gaps between the teeth. Their wafer-thin shell, used for hiding discolouration and closing unsightly gaps, has led to their being described as ‘false nails for teeth’. Veneers require little or no work to be carried on the tooth, making them much kinder to the teeth than the majority of cosmetic treatments. When used on groups of teeth, the positive effects of veneers can be significant, dramatically transforming your entire smile.

Natural-Looking Tooth Repair in Bolton

Composite Bonding allows you to preserve your tooth’s healthy tissue while strengthening the remaining tooth. This makes it an quick, effective and painless method of fixing cosmetic problems such as chips and cracks – much like an invisible filling.

Because no preparation of the tooth surface is required, Cosmetic Bonding also provides a minimally invasive alternative to veneers that can be used for closing gaps and fixing discolouration.

For more information about dental crowns and veneers or to book an appointment, please contact our dentist in Harwood today! Call us on 01204 304568, email or complete our appointment form.

Tooth Wear Before & After Gallery

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Harwood Dental Care | Dentist Bolton

What to expect during your tooth wear treatment

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

An initial discussion to assess what needs to be done

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Scans and impressions conducted to ensure perfect teeth

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Your custom-made crowns or veneers are fitted

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Enjoy your new smile!

Common Tooth Wear Questions

What is a crown?

Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes known, are porcelain or gold covers for damaged or unsightly teeth. Porcelain crowns are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth and can eliminate dark metallic lines around the gums. Crowns are restorative solutions that allow you to eat with ease once more. Restorative treatment helps repair teeth that have been damaged or lost through decay, or chipped in an accident.

What are veneers?

Veneers are an ideal way of treating unsightly, cracked, or discoloured teeth and can also be used to help close gaps between teeth. They are like ‘false nails’ for teeth and provide a wafer-thin shell to hide discolouration and close unsightly gaps, with little or no work being needed on the tooth itself, meaning they are kinder to teeth than other cosmetic treatments. Veneers can eliminate twists and turns in the tooth, close gaps, and when used on groups of teeth, dramatically re-model your entire smile.

Do I need veneers?

You’d benefit from veneers if you’re not seeking to replace a missing tooth, but rather improve the appearance of your natural teeth. Veneers aid in the appearance of broken, discoloured, chipped, or malformed teeth, like ‘peg’ teeth. They are a popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry but differ greatly from implant dentistry.

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