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Cosmetic Dentures

If you’re looking for an ideal way to replace some, or even all, of your teeth, then cosmetic dentures in Bolton might be the right solution for you. Harwood Dental Care is proud to offer high quality cosmetic dentures that are both discrete and comfortable.

  • Dentures made of high quality material
  • Scans and impressions ensure your dentures fit optimally
  • Highly experienced clinicians

About Cosmetic Dentures in Bolton

If you have lost some, or even all, of your teeth, you may have been advised that dentures would be the best solution for your budget. You may feel anxious about wearing dentures for the first time or perhaps you already wear dentures and are having issues with an ill-fitting set.

When you come to Harwood Dental Care for cosmetic dentures, you can rest assured that it’s our objective to create comfortable fitting and natural-looking dentures that you can wear with confidence. We are proud to provide superior quality cosmetic dentures that look incredibly realistic, whilst offering a superior level of fit and comfort.

In addition to these benefits, the wearing of dentures can also prevent premature ageing. Without the support of a full set of teeth, the cheeks and lower face can begin to sag and even ‘cave in’, making you appear much older than you actually are.

Other options for replacing missing teeth at our dental practice in Bolton include dental implants, implant retained bridges or dentures and full mouth restoration.

For more information about our cosmetic dentures in Bolton or to book an appointment, please contact us today! Call us on 01204 304568, email or complete our appointment form.

Harwood Dental Care | Dentist Bolton

What to expect during your cosmetic dentures treatment

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

An initial consultation in which we discuss what needs to be done

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Scans and impressions made of your mouth to ensure the perfect fit

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Production of your own tailor-made dentures

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Regain the ability to smile and eat with confidence

Common Cosmetic Dentures Questions

Do I need dentures?

If you have a large number of missing teeth, then it is important that you choose a treatment to fill the gap as, without the support of teeth behind them, you may find that your lips, cheeks and lower face begin to ‘cave in’, making you look much older than you are.

What are full and partial dentures?

When we talk about full cosmetic dentures, we’re talking about dentures that feature all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. If you still have some of your natural teeth, you will most likely need a partial denture to fill in the gaps.

Will I be able to eat while wearing cosmetic dentures?

Eating with dentures can take a little practice at first but should soon become second nature. You may want to start with softer foods cut into small pieces, chewing slowly in order to become accustomed to the sensation of eating while wearing your dentures. Over time you will gain the confidence to return to your usual healthy diet.

Why do dentures sometimes feel looser?

One of the side effects of tooth loss is that, without a root to keep it strong, the underlying bone can lose strength and density. When this happens, you may find that your dentures become looser. This can be very uncomfortable, and although the problem can be resolved by wearing a fixative at first, it’s important that you let us know so that we can fix your dentures or create a new, better fitting restoration.

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