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Implant-Retained Bridges or Dentures

Dental implant retained dentures is revolutionising the experience of wearing dentures. If you are a current denture wearer or have been recommended dentures for the near future, you may want to consider implant-retained bridges or dentures as a treatment option.

  • The best implant systems on the market
  • Years of implant experience & high success rate
  • Smile, eat and chew with confidence

Dental Implant-Retained Bridges or Dentures in Bolton

Implant-retained dentures in Harwood, Bolton, are the revolutionary new alternative to traditional dentures, offering superior fit and comfort, and making tasks that may have been difficult with traditional dentures – such as eating, drinking, and talking – simple once again.

Dental implant-retained dentures are held in place by several dental implants – metal ‘posts’ that are fitted to, and eventually fuse with your jawbone. Because your dentures are fixed so securely, directly to your jawbone, they will remain secure at all times, giving you the freedom to laugh, talk and eat without worrying that your dentures are going to gape or perhaps even drop out.

Secure, comfortable, implant-retained dentures from our dentist in Bolton are giving denture wearers back the ability to smile with confidence, eat the foods they have always enjoyed, and enjoy a full set of teeth without worrying about embarrassment.

What’re more, implant-retained dentures also carry unexpected health benefits. When we lose our teeth, their cells, no longer being stimulated by eating and chewing, stop growing, eventually leading to bone loss. Unfortunately, traditional dentures are unable to encourage this stimulation; in fact, they can accelerate it when they compress the gums during eating – this explains why traditional dentures repeatedly lose their comfortable fit and become loose in the mouth.

Implant-retained dentures, on the other hand, can stimulate the actions of real teeth. Bone cells are naturally attracted to the metal posts which fuse to the jawbone, and their growth is then stimulated through chewing, securing the dentures even further. Not only will your implant-retained denture prohibit bone loss, but they’ll also be more comfortable, and last a lot longer than, traditional dentures.

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Harwood Dental Care | Dentist Bolton

What to expect during your dental implant treatment

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

A close examination and understanding of what needs to be done

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

If you’re a suitable candidate, we will take diagnostic X-rays and impressions

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

Your dentist will discuss the results of these x-rays and impressions with the dental technician and any additional oral surgeons

Harwood Dental Care Bolton | Dentist Bolton

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Common Implant-Retained Bridges or Dentures Questions

Why replace missing teeth?

If you have several missing teeth, it can significantly impact not only your oral health but your overall health. If you lose a tooth then this delicate balance is upset; if you have lots of missing teeth, problems can be even more far-reaching.

Do dental implants hurt?

All treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic, and if you’re a nervous patient, we can offer dental sedation to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Dental implant treatment is a minor surgical procedure that has been performed for many years with an excellent success rate.

Can anyone have dental implants?

Although most people are suitable candidates for dental implants, they aren’t always the right solution, especially if you have significant bone loss or you’re a smoker.

Are implant retained dentures comfortable?

Yes, implant-retained dentures are known for their great comfort. The dental implants provide a secure foundation, preventing movement of the dentures. This stability enhances comfort, allowing for natural chewing and speaking without the concerns often associated with traditional dentures.

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