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September 2015 Monthly Archives

  • 25.09.15

    10 Ways to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

    If we think about the amount of sugar that we eat every day most people would admit to having some form of sugar addiction. This can have health repercussions around our entire body and is directly related to tooth decay. The bacteriaRead More

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  • 16.09.15

    The importance of routine dental check-ups

    If you’ve ever questioned whether you really need to visit the dentist for routine check-ups, we thought this blog would be a good opportunity to remind you of their importance. For children and adults, routine dental check-ups are the first line ofRead More

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  • 14.09.15

    An investigation into the cost of dental implants

    As a dental practice in Bolton that offers dental implants we’re often asked about the cost implications. Patients discuss the possibility of travelling abroad for implants and sometimes find it difficult to understand why dental implants are so expensive. In this blogRead More

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