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Affordable smile makeovers at your local Bolton dentist

Over a million selfies are reportedly taken every single day and half of these are being shared on the net. Social media is changing the way we view ourselves and others. With photos of the seemingly perfect lives of our friends just a screen-tap away, it feels as we have to up our game to keep up with our peers.

In some ways this is a positive development. By striving to become more attractive and hold onto our youthful good looks for longer, we often make healthier lifestyle choices. For instance, it’s less acceptable now to walk around with gaps in our smile, where we’ve lost teeth, or not had teeth replaced following tooth removal.

Many more people are now opting to have a dental implant fitted in the place of a missing or removed tooth and this will have a positive effect on the jawbone. The jawbone has a tendency to atrophy when not stimulated by tooth roots. Protecting your jawbone in this way will also prevent the prematurely ageing ‘caved in’ look that people with teeth missing commonly suffer.

What can a smile makeover treat?

If your teeth are chipped and cracked, before social media, you might have been tempted to leave them. These days, with more selfies being taken than ever before, you might feel happier having them restored to their former glory using natural-looking veneers and crowns. This treatment will not only make your teeth look more attractive, but will also protect your weakened teeth from suffering further damage.

Perhaps the problem that frustrates you about your teeth is that they’re out of alignment. You’re fed up of having crooked teeth, when it seems that everybody else has had theirs straightened? Our Bolton dentist team can provide you with clear, discreet braces that will move your teeth into a more flattering position within a matter of months, giving you an altogether more attractive smile.

However, did you know maligned teeth are known for having hard to reach surfaces? By straightening your teeth you’ll also be removing any surfaces that are hard to reach with your toothbrush. This means you’ll be less likely to have food deposits in your teeth when you brush and consequently less likely to experience gum disease and tooth decay.

Smile makeovers from our Bolton dentist

A smile makeover is a service tailored to the individual customer. Your Bolton dentist will examine your smile with a view to making the necessary improvements that will lead to it being more attractive. We will discuss every step we’ll take concerning your teeth and keep you informed of any developments as they arise.

If you’re a nervous dental patient, please be aware that we have had specific training to put you at ease and operate a pain-free dentistry practice. We use local anaesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable at all times.

Following your smile makeover you should feel proud of your smile and want to show it off. Enjoy feeling happy and confident about your appearance as you get back into selfie-taking mode! Please get in touch with the Harwood dentists here at our Bolton practice to book your consultation.

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