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March 2020 Monthly Archives

  • 27.03.20

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    Updated: 26.03.20 We have received clarification from our professional bodies about the most appropriate way of delivering dental care to our patients during this unprecedented time. You will be aware of the need for us all to help each other by actingRead More

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  • 27.03.20

    The Biggest Invisalign Care Mistakes

    You may just think it’s as easy as cleaning your teeth and dipping them in water, but that just isn’t the case when it comes to taking care of your aligners. These carefully crafted pieces of smooth plastic are performing a bigRead More

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  • 12.03.20

    Top Tips to Get Your Little Ones Brushing

    For many parents, teaching kids good dental hygiene is a twice-daily struggle, but it’s a hassle worth having. Teaching your kids about the importance of brushing from a young age will help them form good habits into adulthood. But sometimes, however hardRead More

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