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Bolton Dental Practice Supports Health Investment in the Town

It has recently been reported in the Bolton News that Bolton Council is to provide £400,000 to support health services within the town. This means that theoretically, residents of Bolton should experience better access to healthcare. The Harwood Dental practice in Bolton fully supports this investment. We have been looking after teeth in Bolton for many years and strongly believe that local residents have as much right to great healthcare as every other region in the UK.

General dentistry in Bolton

We strive to keep our patients’ teeth healthy through regular hygiene appointments and correcting dental problems as they arise. Gum disease affects most adults at some point in their lives and can have serious consequences if it’s ignored. With just a couple of hygiene appointments annually, we can ensure that any food deposits left on the teeth after brushing, that may or may not have already turned to tartar along the gum line, will be removed.

A professional clean will ensure your teeth are plaque-free and gum therapy will remove any traces of gum disease that are already in existence. If your teeth have been damaged by decay we can seal the cavity using a white filling and clean up any infection.

Cosmetic dentistry in Bolton

As for teeth that have sustained wear and tear, our talented team of dentists can restore damaged teeth to their former glory. Using thin slivers of porcelain, which have been custom made for your individual teeth, known as veneers, chips and cracks can be repaired.

More severe damage is restored through the application of a cap, or crown. During this procedure, your damaged tooth will be prepared with a shaping tool before the crown is fitted over the top. The crown will look just like your natural, original tooth.

If you’ve lost a tooth, we can provide a realistic and permanent replacement, known as a dental implant. The implant will be inserted into the jaw, ensuring it has a secure anchor to prevent it from falling out.

Other cosmetic dental treatments we offer are braces for effective tooth straightening and tooth whitening. We can also provide you with a smile makeover, which takes into account individual aspects of your teeth you’d like to change with a view to transforming your smile and giving you more confidence in your appearance.

If you’d like to make the most of your looks and improve your smile, or simply remove the source of the pain you’re experiencing in your mouth, please give our Bolton dental practice a call, or send us an email. We welcome all new patients to our Bolton-based dental practice. Finance plans are available to spread the cost of your dental treatment should this be of interest to you. Please get in touch.

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