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Dental hygiene tips for the Christmas holidays

Everyone is just super excited for Christmas, right? If you’re counting down the days until you finish work, get to put your feet up, or host your annual Christmas party, then you’ve probably got a lot planned and a lot on your mind! Shopping being left to the last minute, a late addition or drop-out of Christmas dinner, and juggling social calendars tends to take the forefront of our minds. Often, your dental health might take a back seat and fall to a lesser priority over a good night’s sleep, but this shouldn’t be the case. Here are our top tips on how you can maintain you and your family’s dental hygiene this Christmas!

Be aware of your sugar intake

We’re not going to tell you to completely abstain from sugar and sweet treats, but we are going to advise that you keep an eye on how much you and your family are consuming. Sugar is near-enough unavoidable during Christmas, so your teeth are almost constantly exposed to acids. When you can, try to limit your sweets and sugars intake to meal times or concentrated snack times. Christmas is one the worst (and best) holidays for grazing, a sort of semi-constant slow intake of sugars topped up throughout the day. It’s these instances that threaten our teeth, because they don’t get a break from harmful sugars. Saving your sugar intake for meal times and a snack rather than dipping in here and there could help protect your enamel and save you from Christmas cavities.

Protect your teeth from increased alcohol intake

Alcohol intake, whether you love a Christmas party or just a glass or two at dinner, increases over the festive period. Different social occasions, family gatherings, and work dos lead to a sociable drink or two, so it pays to keep an eye on your alcohol intake and make adjustments accordingly. Alcohol like wine, be it red or white, is very acidic so you could find yourself with diminished protective enamel. Red wine and dark coloured soft drinks, as well as eroding your enamel, contain dark pigments that may stain your teeth too. Try drinking your alcohol through a straw and rinse your mouth with water between alcohol drinks to lessen the residual acid and pigment that are intent on sticking around.

Don’t slack on your at-home dental hygiene

Christmas is tiring and, like we said, we can’t pretend that your dental hygiene is at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’ve had a long day shopping, a long day entertaining and cooking, or are a little tipsy after a party, you just want to get into bed and curl up. It’s these moments where the temptation to skip brushing your teeth is very real – but don’t give in! Always remember to brush your teeth before going to bed to ensure that you’re not letting harmful bacteria have a party of their own on your teeth and gums over-night. This doesn’t just go for adults, but your little ones too. Christmas is so exciting and therefore tiring for children, but before their head hits the pillow you must always ensure they’ve brushed their teeth.

Have a merry and bright Christmas by ensuring your teeth and mouth remain so, too with Hardwood Dental Care in Bolton. If you’d like to book a quick dentist appointment or dental hygienist appointment before your next festive party, enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01204 304568 today! We also provide tips for Halloween dental care also!

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