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Your dentist wants you to watch out for these foods

Teeth were made for smiling and chomping – there’s no two ways about it. Whether our food is chewy, crunchy, or soft, our teeth withstand a lot of grinding and pressure to make sure we’re well-fed. There’s nothing better than enjoying a hearty meal, or snacking on your favourite food, but our choices could be harming our teeth. You may be surprised by some of these delicious delicacies listed, but they can actually be eroding and dulling your teeth without you realising! Your dentist wants you to watch out for these foods and drinks…

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruit like lemons and oranges could be eroding your enamel. While these fruits are packed full of nutrients and the beneficial Vitamin C, they could actually be eating away at the coating of your teeth. Your teeth may appear yellowish in hue because of the decreasing enamel, revealing the naturally yellow dentin underneath.

Coffee and tea

Coffee or tea may be great to wake up to, but your dentist definitely wants to warn you about their staining. They can discolour and stain your teeth and upset the pH balance in your mouth. This makes any other acidic food you consume afterwards more dangerous, because they can damage your teeth much faster. Dodge this by drinking from a to-go cup to cut back on the swilling effect of a sip.

Excessive Sugar

Sweets and sugars are every dentist’s first warning to their patients. The sugars in sweet treats latch onto your teeth and attract bacteria to feast there. When the bacteria gather and feed off this sugar, they release acids that lead to tooth decay. Cut down on sugar intake, especially in hard-boiled sweets and soft drinks, and you could save your dental health.


Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants, but your dentist definitely wants you to be aware of their ability to stain your teeth. They may be a superfood, but they are high in pigmentation and can badly stain your smile.


Wine (we’re sorry) can be bad for your teeth! Both red and white wine, because of their acidic concentration, can stain your teeth varying shades of grey. In fact, it has been suggested that the lighter the wine, the darker the stains. It creates holes in the enamel, leaving little exposed pockets on the surface of the teeth for other staining to seep in deeper.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are some silver linings. Super tasty foods like strawberries and cheese are good for your teeth. Strawberries and fruits that contain malic acid could be naturally whitening your smile without penetrating the enamel. Cheese, on the other hand, can help you fight cavities. Research has suggested that eating cheese can lead to higher pH levels in the mouth, lessening the effect of acids consumed and therefore the risk of cavities.

Your teeth can be negatively affected by the foods and drinks we consume, but they can also be boosted by them too. Steer clear of too much sugar and acid, though still allow a little room to treat yourself, and your teeth could remain stain-free while your appetite is fulfilled.

Of course, if you feel the need to whiten your teeth or professionally clean them, your dentist at Harwood Dental Care is always happy to help. Pop into our Bolton dental practice to book your next appointment.

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