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Fix Your Broken Teeth At Your Local Bolton Dental Practice

You wouldn’t believe how many people break their teeth over the festive period. Often it’s due to excessive alcohol and high emotions, but nuts covered in chocolate might have a lot to do with it too! Sometimes, elderly people with broken teeth get referred by family members who have seen them over Christmas, but not realised the extent to which their teeth needed work previously. On top of that we get approached by many who have happily ignored their own broken teeth during the year, but would like to get them fixed in time for the office party.

We can help all broken teeth. Whether your teeth have suffered minor or major damage (that may require implants), we’ll be able to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution and we’ll restore your confidence in your smile. Here at your local Bolton Dental Practice, we will assess your teeth on an individual basis and advise you on the best course of action for smile enhancement. Here are a few of the services we offer to make your broken teeth look more attractive:

Dental veneers at our Bolton Dental Practice

Dental veneers are tiny slivers of porcelain that are used to fill in chips and cracks in teeth that have suffered minor damage. The pieces of porcelain will be bonded to the affected tooth in order to provide a full restoration. The veneer parts will be custom-made for your teeth to ensure a good fit. Please bear in mind that a tiny amount of tooth enamel may have to be removed in order for the veneer to be fitted in a natural-looking way.

Dental crowns at our Bolton Dental Practice

If your tooth has suffered substantial damage, it may be better to fit a natural-looking dental crown over the remains of the tooth. This will not only give you an enhanced smile, but will also protect the broken original tooth from further damage when chewing and biting. Again the remains of your original tooth will have to be shaped, with some enamel removed in order for the crown to be fitted.

About smile makeovers

Smile makeovers are a bespoke service during which your Bolton dentist will examine your teeth with a view to providing the treatments that will best enhance your individual smile. Broken teeth will be fixed using veneers, or crowns, silver fillings can be replaced with white ones and stained or discoloured teeth can be brightened with a teeth whitening treatment. Should you have any teeth missing, replacements can be provided and if alignment is the problem, we can get them straight for you.

In order to find out how you can enhance your smile this year and gain a set of teeth of which you can be proud, please book yourself in for a consultation at our Bolton dentist, Harwood dental practice.

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