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Harwood Dental – Choosing the right dentist for you and your needs in Bolton

Are you suffering from toothache and looking for a professional dentist, whom you can trust to take the pain away? Perhaps you’ve just moved into the Bolton area and you need to select a new dentist, who is more local to you? Maybe you’re already registered with a Bolton dental practice, but you’re not happy with the quality of service you’re receiving from them? We can help!

Here at the Harwood Dental Practice we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. We can alleviate your toothache and improve the appearance of your smile. However, as well as promote our own services, we thought we’d give you an overview of the questions you should ask yourself when looking for a new dentist, to get the best possible and most reliable service.

How experienced are the dentists attached to a particular dental practice?

Our dental team are all extremely experienced in their individual fields, having qualified at a high level and worked within the industry ever since. Dipesh Patel and Vilas Patel are experts in a large variety of dental treatments. They work in conjunction with our implantologist; Jonathan Kennair and our hygienist; Victoria Silveno.

What treatments can the practice offer?

You may be experiencing tooth pain now, but should a tooth need to be restored, replaced, straightened or whitened in the future, could the practice you’re visiting perform these procedures? The Harwood team in Bolton can!

How conveniently does your dental treatment fit into your life?

We go out of our way to ensure our appointments are at a time that’s convenient for our patients. We also ensure you receive a fast, effective and safe service. Need your tooth replaced the day you lost it? There’s every chance we can make that happen!

Does your dental practice offer any membership perks?

Most dental practices will give you the opportunity to become a member, but what do you get in return for this commitment? We look after our members and reward them better than many practices. When you sign up for our Bolton membership, you will have 2 x dental examinations per year, 2 x hygienist appointments per year and 15% off any cosmetic treatments you have with us.

What provisions does your dentist make for nervous patients?

Dental phobia is real and it affects a lot of people. We take it very seriously. Our approach is a caring one. We have received training on the best way to manage the dental concerns of nervous patients and we will keep you fully informed of every detail of the procedure you’re about to undertake to ensure there are no surprises. A local anaesthetic is used for some treatments as we practice only painfree dentistry.

The best way to find out more about the most suitable dentist to treat your teeth is to visit him or her. We welcome all new patients and enquiries. If you’d like to come and have an informal chat with our Bolton-based Harwood team, find out how we can improve the appearance of your teeth or remove the discomfort you’re feeling, please give us a call to arrange a consultation.

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