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Want to makeover your smile? Why more and more people are turning to teeth whitening

It’s safe to say that demand for teeth whitening at Harwood Dental Care is on the increase and it’s not just our corner of the world that’s seeing teeth whitening grow in popularity. According to recent media reports, more than 100,000 people in Britain alone seek out some form of teeth whitening treatment every year.

Here at Harwood Dental, we offer a choice of Enlighten at-home tray whitening or in-office teeth whitening with Zoom, both of which offer excellent results over different time frames and to suit different budgets.

But why is teeth whitening such a popular treatment?

1. People associate whiter teeth with good health and youthfulness

For most people, it’s as we grow older that we notice our teeth becoming more discoloured. What we eat and drink, as well as activities such as smoking, can also darken the shade of our teeth or leave noticeable stains.

Of course, some of us are just genetically predisposed to darker, yellowing teeth.

Whatever the cause, it’s also true that people tend to perceive whiter teeth as being a sign of youth and good health.

Although white teeth still need the same care and attention as teeth that are several shades darker, teeth whitening can certainly get rid of shadows, stains and discolouration that may be ageing your smile. Having you teeth whitened can also be seen as a second chance at keeping your smile looking youthful again, helping to keep better oral health.

Many patients feel that teeth whitening is one of the most immediate and non-invasive way to give their smile a boost and improve its appearance.

2. Teeth whitening is affordable

In comparison to other cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening is certainly one of the most inexpensive. Depending on your budget, you can choose between at-home whitening or an in-clinic procedure, which can whiten your smile by several shades in just an hour. Most dentists offer payment plans, often including interest-free or low interest, to help you spread the cost of your teeth whitening treatment.

3. Whiter teeth are great for your confidence

What do people notice first about you? You might think it’s your eyes, your body or your hair but, in fact, survey after survey has shown that what most of us notice first is a great smile.

Apparently, we all make assumptions about people with white teeth. We tend to think they prioritise hygiene, look after themselves and live a healthier lifestyle than people with yellowing teeth. These are all desirable traits in a friend, colleague or partner.

Knowing that you have whiter, more attractive looking teeth can be a huge confidence booster. People choose this treatment because they’re tired of feeling self-conscious about their smile and they want to feel good about how they look.

To find out more about teeth whitening in Bolton at Harwood Dental, simply call us on 01204 304 568 or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

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