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Why we’re championing the importance of routine dental check-ups in Bolton

For many people, a trip to the dentist is something faced with trepidation and even anxiety. Some people avoid the dentist altogether.

Statistics for National Smile Month from the British Dental Health Association show that only 61% of adults in England attend regular dental check-ups; attendance stands at 60% in Northern Ireland and 69% in both Wales and Scotland. Amazingly, these figures mean that the UK is the second most dental-conscious country in Europe.

That doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels.

Two per cent of the UK population have never visited the dentist and 27% of adults only visit their dentist when they have a problem. Meanwhile, 27% of five-year-olds show signs of obvious dental decay. It’s clear that there is still work to do to improve the health of the UK’s smiles.

This is why we’re always on the case when it comes to promoting the benefits of routine dental check-ups here in Bolton.

When you attend regular appointments, we have a chance to:

  • Screen for the early warning signs of oral cancer
  • Monitor any changes to your teeth and gums
  • Identify problems before they occur
  • Treat issues before they escalate
  • Give your teeth a deep clean
  • Check that you’re brushing your teeth effectively and that you understand the benefits of flossing and mouthwash
  • Prevent gum disease or stop it from getting worse
  • Keep an eye on your children’s teeth

If you decide to skip your routine dental check-ups, it’s not overstating things to say that you could be putting your health at risk. Gum disease, for example, is associated with more than just bleeding gums – bad breath, tooth loss, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, certain types of cancer, premature babies, and low birth rate have all be linked to this issue.

Dentists are often the first people to notice the warning signs of oral cancers – usually during a routine check-up. If oral cancer is detected too late, 40% of sufferers die within five years of their diagnosis. Ninety-one percent of deaths from oral cancer are preventable – it’s a sobering thought; a routine check-up could stop you from becoming a statistic.

We would also like to highlight that people who only see the dentist in an emergency often hold off to the point that they need more extensive and expensive intervention than if the problem had been spotted early at a routine dental check-up and dealt with before it could escalate.

People who are anxious about visiting the dentist often associate the experience with pain and drill noises. In fact, with routine dental check-ups, invasive treatments may be unnecessary.

Just two routine check-ups a year could help to protect your overall health and keep your teeth strong and healthy throughout your life. If you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, please remember that many dentists offer specialist support and services for nervous patients – you don’t need to suffer in silence.

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