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5 Reasons why clear braces are so popular

A very revealing study in Michigan discovered that in a survey of 8 to 11-year-olds, 55% of girls and 38% of boys actively wanted to be fitted with braces to correct the alignment of their teeth. Ignoring cultural factors that may make braces more socially acceptable in the USA, over the UK, (basically because clear braces provide you with very discreet treatment that is hard to detect anyway) this survey revealed several things:

Children as young as 8 are feeling self-conscious about their smiles and keen to wear an orthodontic device that will fix them. Perhaps you are aware that your child’s teeth would benefit from some alignment correction, but you have not yet brought it up with them? Perhaps, if you were to ask your son or daughter whether they like their teeth straightened, you’d be surprised to hear that they would!

The biggest stigma attached to wearing braces is what they look like, but wearing clear braces removes that stigma. This is because clear braces from our Bolton practice are virtually invisible. Having an attractive smile offers 5 huge benefits. Let’s have a look at how orthodontic treatment using clear braces could help your child:

  1. Although the Michigan survey questioned 8 to 11-year-olds, it’s more commonly teenagers who are fitted with braces. As this is traditionally an awkward stage of their lives, the fact that clear braces are very discreet will give your kid more confidence in their appearance during the treatment period and help them to feel less socially nervous about wearing them.
  2. Clear braces from our Bolton dental practice are pioneering. They look modern and cutting edge, which is surely preferable to wearing outdated and heavy duty orthodontic gear.
  3. Clear braces are comfortable to wear and removable. They’re custom made to fit your mouth, so you shouldn’t be aware of them once they’re in place and you’ve got used to them. You’ll take them out for meals or brushing.
  4. If whomever is being fitted with the braces; you or your child, has been experiencing jaw pain or headaches because of a bite problem, clear braces treatment should resolve this.
  5. Having a beautiful smile has been proven in numerous surveys to open doors in work and in love. People with beautiful smiles are more likely to be promoted or recruited over others, with less attractive smiles.

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