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7 Reasons To See Our Dental Hygienist

Good oral hygiene is important, not only for looks, especially nowadays when everyone is very aware of their appearance, but for general health as well. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more.

Here are 7 reasons why it is important to see our dental hygienists Louise and Lisa.

1 To Prevent Gum Disease.

90% of the population have had gum disease at some point in their life whether it has been mild, moderate or severe.

Gum disease is an infection in the gum tissues and bone that keep your teeth in place it can be painless and many people are unaware of having gum disease, it is one of the main caused of adult tooth loss, If diagnosed early, it can be treated and reversed.

If treatment is not received, a more serious and advanced stages of gum disease may follow.

If you don’t want to wake up one day and find that you have been diagnosed with gum disease, then dental hygiene is important. Ignorance is no excuse. Inevitably, it will be you who pays the price if you do not go to the trouble of maintaining dental hygiene.

Regular visits with our hygienist and check ups with your dentist, flossing daily and brushing twice a day are the main factors in preventing gum disease.

2To Help Maintain Good Physical Health

Recent studies have linked heart attacks and strokes to gum disease, resulting from poor oral hygiene. A dental cleaning regularly helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and could possibly reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes.

3.To Keep Your Teeth.

Since gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults, us at Harwood Dental Care advise regular dental check ups and hygienist visits.

Brushing and flossing are vital to keep as many teeth as you can. Keeping your teeth means better chewing function and ultimately better health.

4.To Detect Dental Problems Early.

Your dentist and hygienist will be able to detect any early signs of problems with your teeth and gums. Early detection of cavities, broken fillings and gum disease are easily treated if caught in time. If these problems go untreated, root canals, gum surgery and removal of teeth could become the only treatment options available.

5.To Maintain Good Oral Health.

Though we all know at the the importance of dental hygiene, it is still the case that many of us fail to take care of our teeth properly. It is seen as one of those nuisances, one of those things that won’t matter if we miss it once or twice. Of course, at the beginning of the day you like most people are in a rush to get out the door for work and at the end of a demanding day all you want to do is collapse into bed, but this can result in your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash all being left untouched. If this is the case for you then your teeth could be in a poor state, of which you are none the wiser…

Our hygienist will help to ensure that you are maintaining your oral heath by visual examination and comparing your previous visits, If you are falling off track with your oral hygiene then she will put you back on track.

Regular cleaning with our hygienist can help prevent these problems as well as provide you with advice and motivation that you need for good oral hygiene.

6.To Have a Bright White Smile.

Your dental hygienist can remove most tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine stains.

During your cleaning,our hygienist will also polish your teeth to a beautiful shine.

The result? A whiter brighter smile! and a more confident you!!

7.To Prevent Bad Breath.

Halitosis known as bad breath to most is an embarrassing condition that can affect anyone at anytime, and is caused by several factors. The most common causes of bad breath are preventable and easily treated, however certain medical conditions may also cause bad breath.

90% of bad breath cases are due to Bacteria in the mouth.

major causes of bad breath include different types food, poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, smoking, food impaction, improper or faulty restorations, unclean dentures and excessive bacterial growth on the tongue. (post nasal drip)

Our hygienist can advise products that can prevent bad breath.

Chronic halitosis may indicate an underlying medical concern that should be addressed by your dentist or medical doctor.

If you’d like to book a hygiene appointment at our dentist in Bolton, get in touch with our expert team.

You can also read more about some of the best tips and practices you can do at home for better oral hygiene. 

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