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Bad Breath: Causes, Prevention And Treatments at Harwood Dental Care in Bolton

Bad Breath: Causes, Prevention And Treatments

Worried you have bad breath? Noticed that your breath smells in the mornings or self-conscious about comments others have made? You’re not alone. Many people in the UK suffer from bad breath, but thanks to our excellent team of dentists in Bolton, we can help. Read on to find out what causes bad breath, how to treat it, and most importantly – how to prevent it.

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Causes of bad breath

A one-off case of bad breath isn’t likely to be anything to worry about. It might be down to something you’ve had to eat or drink, particularly if you’ve had something strong-smelling or spicy (think curries, garlicky foods and rich sauces).

But, sometimes bad breath can be an indication that something’s not right with your oral health. For example, decay in the tooth; infections; and even gum disease.

Finally, bad breath can stem from lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking, as well as medical concerns including dry mouth, acid reflux and tonsillitis. Finding the cause of your bad breath is important to figure out what treatment will be best.

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Treatment for bad breath

If your bad breath comes with symptoms like these:

– Painful, swollen or bleeding gums

– Problems with dentures and dental apparatus

– Wobbly adult teeth

– Toothache

…it could be a sign that there’s something else to deal with in your mouth, teeth or gums. Schedule an appointment with our Bolton dentists to get to the bottom of what’s wrong, and we’ll arrange a suitable treatment. For example, it might be that you have an infection that needs antibiotics or root canal. Or, you could be showing early signs of gum disease. It might even be that ill-fitting dentures are behind your halitosis. Whatever it is, our dentists will do their best to help treat your halitosis.

Preventing bad breath

A lot of cases of halitosis stem from poor oral hygiene, so one of the best ways to prevent this problem from even occurring in the first place is to clean your teeth regularly and properly:

  1. Brush twice a day, for two minutes each time, and don’t forget to floss
  2. Use a fluoride toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash
  3. Reduce sugar and switch to sugar-free options for gum, foods and drinks
  4. Clean dentures regularly and remove overnight
  5. Attend regular dental check-ups

However, it’s also a good idea to quit smoking and to have any medical conditions under control through your GP.

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