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Can dental implants be done in one day?

So, you want dental implants, but you feel like you need them right now! Can dental implants be placed all in one day?

Yes, they can!

Dental implants in one day

If you’re seeking to replace missing or damaged teeth or wear full dentures, we can place dental implants all on one day if you have adequate amounts of jawbone to support them. In this instance, we can create a temporary dental bridge for you to wear whilst the titanium roots of your implants heal into your jawbone, and then replace this with your permanent bridge once they have healed.

How long dental implants usually take

Typically, your dentist would place the titanium screw in your jawbone and leave it heal with the gap uncovered for around 2 months. This is because your jawbone needs time to heal around the metal screw and fuse it in place. Giving you a temporary bridge to wear while these roots heal allows you to cover the gaps of missing teeth whilst your implant journey is kickstarted. This means that, from the day your dental implants are placed, you will have a beautiful smile that will only improve with the permanent restoration.

The treatment process

If you’re found to be a suitable candidate, we’ll begin by taking x-rays and impressions of your teeth. We’ll discuss these with you to explain the procedure and take impressions of your teeth to best craft a natural-looking crown from.

We’ll then measure your jaw and examine your bite to ensure the dental implants we produce for you are as accurate as possible. The next step is to place the dental implants themselves, the metal screws, into the jawbone and fit a temporary bridge at this very same appointment.

Equipped with our aftercare information, you’ll then need to wait for around 4 – 6 months depending on how you heal and how long it takes the screws to integrate with the bone. We’ll then invite you back, take a final impression, and place your final and permanent bridge.

Dental implants in Bolton

If you’re considering dental implants in Bolton but don’t want to smile with gaps in your teeth, then get in touch with Harwood Dental Care. We’re proud to offer the ‘teeth in a day’ treatment option and welcome you to our dental practice to discover your suitability. Get in touch today to arrange your free dental implants consultation.

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