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Choosing the Right Bolton Dentist

The Daily Telegraph published an article last month that suggests dentists should pass on diet, alcohol and smoking cessation tips to their patients in a bid to help the keep their teeth clean and healthy.

This is based on a report originating from a Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation, which indicates that the provision of such advice will not only improve the appearance of patients’ teeth but also help reduce cases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

When left untreated, gum disease has been linked to these serious health conditions. The theory is that those who practise good dental health will also practise good physical health.

Here at the Harwood Dental Practice in Bolton, our Harwood dentists will give you suggestions on ways you can look after your teeth more efficiently, with a view to saving you money on expensive (and potentially) painful dental treatment further down the line.

It’s up to you whether or not you take the impartial advice of our Harwood dentists, but you might just find that by changing your brushing technique slightly, you can avoid cavities and the need for fillings, not to mention prevent your gums from becoming red and swollen.

What your Bolton dentist can do for you

As well as providing you with invaluable advice on how to look after your teeth, your Bolton dentist will examine your teeth, in order to rectify any dental problems that may be present in the mouth, such as cavities, or gum disease. It’s important to consider your needs when choosing a dentist.

Our hygienist will give your teeth clean a professional clean and polish to ensure no food deposits are lingering, ready to cause decay or plaque and if you are experiencing toothache, the source of the problem will be investigated and a solution sought.

Cosmetic consultations with your Bolton dentist

Your Bolton dentist won’t just keep your mouth healthy for you, but also fix any aesthetic problems you may be experiencing with your smile. Whether one of your teeth has been chipped in the past and never repaired, you have a stain on the enamel of one of your teeth that you’d love to remove, or you’d like to see all of your teeth whitened by a shade or two, we can help.

We can also fit discreet white fillings, advise on alignment issues and provide you with natural looking tooth implants, giving you a replacement tooth in the event of you having one missing. Our Bolton dental practice welcomes new patients. If you’re nervous, please be reassured that our staff trained to put you at ease and if you’re suffering an out of office hours dental emergency, we may also be able to help.

To join our practice, please get in touch with us either on the phone, via email, or by walking in and getting a form from our reception. We look forward to meeting you and taking good care of your teeth.

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