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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Tooth loss can be a frightening situation, whether the cause is poor dental hygiene, or something more serious, such as infection, illness or injury. Thankfully, in these times, our team of private dentists here in Harwood can step in to find the right solution for you and your smile.

In this post, our Harwood dentists talk through the main differences between dentures and dental implants, helping you to make an informed choice about your care. Of course, we always recommend booking a consultation at our practice before taking the plunge, so read on for more details on that later! Without further ado, here is our post on dental implants vs dentures.

Which looks more realistic?

Our patients are often concerned with a tooth loss solution that looks the part, especially as missing teeth can be embarrassing or unsightly. Both dental implants and dentures are incredibly realistic solutions, thanks to advancements in modern dentistry. However, dental implants possibly pip dentures to the post, as the crown part of the implant is made of porcelain, and dentures are often crafted from acrylic.

Which is more comfortable?

Time gives you the opportunity to get used to new prostheses and appliances, and we don’t feel there’s much difference in comfort between dentures and tooth implants. Having said that, tooth implants are permanently fixed to your jaw bone, and will feel like a more natural part of your mouth. Dentures are removable, so there may always be a sense of disconnect with them. But there are tips and tricks to make dentures work for you.

Which is more sturdy?

Again, tooth implants possibly fare better here than dentures. There are two reasons for this. First of all, they’re fixed in place – so no need to worry about them wobbling or slipping when eating or speaking. Secondly, since they aren’t removable, there’s no chance of dropping them or storing them incorrectly. While it’s still possible to damage your tooth implants through eating certain foods or poor oral care, there may be a lower risk of this occurring than with dentures.

Which is cheaper?

Dental implants are a more expensive option than dentures because they require some minor surgery to be placed. However, they are also longer-lasting – in fact, with the right care and regular check-ups with your dentist, they could last a lifetime.

What else should I know?

It’s important to know that in the case of extensive tooth loss, future gum recession and bone loss could occur. With dental implants, the risk is lowered, because the stimulus of chewing and eating helps preserve the underlying structure. However, for dentures, more research is needed as to whether they help preserve this, or do the opposite. 

Which is right for me?

The best option is to seek a consultation with our expert dentists here at our Harwood dental practice located in Bolton. After a full assessment, we’ll be able to tell you which option from dental implants or dentures, will be more beneficial to your smile, and to your overall health.

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