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Harwood Dental – Scale and polish and finding the right dentist in Bolton

You’ve probably heard of scale and polish treatment; an essential dental treatment that gets rid of plaque. You might even recall having had it previously, but maybe you’re not sure. If you’ve let your regular dentist visit lapse, you’re not alone. A quarter of the British population confess that they haven’t seen a dentist for over two years! This is according to a National Smile Month survey.

In this post, we are going to look at exactly why having a regular scale and polish is important and how it can prevent you from having to pay for expensive dental treatment in the future. The  information here will also reduce your chances of having serious health problems as a result of letting the plaque build up on your teeth.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a filmy layer of bacteria that can be found on the surface of your teeth, between your teeth and on the gumline. When combined with sugar, it can cause a harmful acid and when left untreated on your teeth, it will turn into tartar, which will make your teeth even more vulnerable to the effects of plaque.

What does plaque do?

Plaque eats away at your teeth. If left untreated, it will decay your teeth, causing cavities and the need for fillings. Your teeth and the freshness of your breath will be negatively affected by plaque, while your gums may develop gum disease as a result of its continued existence in your mouth.

Gum disease can then turn into something altogether more serious. It has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and low-birth-weight babies.

It’s sad to think that few people realise the grave consequences of not having plaque removed and that their toothlessness, unpleasant oral hygiene and serious health problems could all have been prevented by having a painless and quick scale and polish every few months.

What does having a scale and polish involve?

A scale and polish treatment removes plague and loosens any tartar that has built up. It is performed using a handheld tool that vibrates to loosen the harder deposits and sprays mist to wash the debris away. Additional tools may be used to remove more stubborn stains and deposits, as well as provide you with a smoother tooth surface. The polishing is then completed using paste and a spinning rubber implement.

Some dentists will offer you an air polish. This involves a high-pressure mixture of water, compressed air and powder particles, being fired at your teeth from close range to remove plaque and food deposits. It doesn’t hurt, isn’t particularly uncomfortable and it will whiten your teeth by removing stains and mild discolouration.

Having a regular professional clean and polish is a great way to keep your teeth healthy and your smile as attractive as possible. A beautiful smile could open doors that you might not even have known were closed to you, until you revealed misaligned, damaged and discoloured teeth. Give yourself the biggest chance of success at work and in love, by booking your next scale and polish this week.

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