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The most popular adult braces in Bolton

So you’ve made the tough decision to have adult braces fitted from your Bolton dentist. You’ve realised that you can seriously reduce your chances of experiencing tooth decay and gum disease by making your teeth straighter and you’re keen to have a more attractive smile, with the boost to your confidence that that will bring.

What are the next steps?

Your first step should be to give us a call here at the Hardwood Dental Clinic to request a consultation to discuss the options we offer. Our team of highly experienced dentists will be able to give you a full dental assessment with a view to helping you find the best orthodontic system to suit your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

Regardless of the alignment problems you’re facing, we’ll have a solution to help you. Let’s have a look at the leading brands we can provide, with a view to helping you make the most suitable choice regarding your orthodontic treatment fitting into your lifestyle and budget.

Clear braces

For braces that are discreet and will align your teeth without drawing attention to your mouth, clear aligners are ideal. They consist of removable translucent trays that are worn over the teeth and apply pressure in this way, to bring your teeth into a more attractive position. Over the treatment period, you’ll wear a number of different aligner trays, as each one will be designed to perform its own leg of the journey.

Fast braces

If it’s only the front 6 teeth in your mouth with which you have an issue and you’d like to achieve straighter teeth and a more attractive smile over a shorter time period, Six Month Smiles, should be able to correct your alignment issues within just 4 to 9 months. With these braces, brackets will be bonded onto the front surfaces of your social 6 teeth and a wire threaded through them. Your dentists will adjust the wire periodically throughout the treatment time to keep your teeth on track for their final positions.

Low cost braces

Finance plans are available should you wish to opt for one of our more expensive braces systems, but if you’d like to settle the bill with one payment, you might prefer traditional train track braces. They fix just about any tooth alignment problem, in a reliable and predictable way.

Want to discover which of our braces are going to give you the most beautiful smile? Want to find exactly how much more attractive your teeth will look? Please give our Bolton team a call to book your initial adult braces consultation.

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