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Harwood Dental – Why our patients keep coming back to our dental practice

The dentist should be somebody you trust. This is a person who will be restoring your smile whenever your teeth are damaged. The confidence you have in your looks is in his or her hands. This is a person who may fit you with complicated orthodontic devices that you’ll wear for several months at a time, perhaps even years and you’ll pay a substantial amount of money for them too. You need to trust that this same dentist will complete the treatment in a timely fashion and that you’ll love the end results, whatever they may be.

If you need replacement teeth following losing a tooth, or you’re having one extracted, you need to trust that your dentist can carry out this complicated and fairly invasive technique well so that the new prosthesis looks good and work well to help you chew your food.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you should trust your dentist to routinely look after your teeth, keeping them free from decay, or providing treatment for decay should it already have occurred, as well as ensuring that your gums are kept healthy.

Gum disease affects a huge percentage of the population and may well affect you at some point during your life. When gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Your trusted dentist can keep you free from more health problems than you may even know about.

Why join the Harwood dental practice in Bolton?

Many of our customers have been loyal to our practice for many years and we don’t believe that’s down to luck. We are dedicated to our patients and strive to provide the very best service we can.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals work tirelessly to ensure that our patients are fully informed of every step of the treatment they receive and that they receive treatment suited best to their needs in order to gain optimal results.

We have invested in training that will help us best approach dental phobia and nervous patients. We also pride ourselves on the services for children we offer. When our patients experience a dental emergency, we are there for them.

If you’d like to find out about our cosmetic dental treatments, get rid of your toothache, or ask any other questions you may have about private dentistry, please give us a call at our Bolton practice to book a consultation. We will assess your teeth and make practical no-obligation suggestions as to how your smile can be improved or what we believe the cause of the dental issues you’re experiencing might be.

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