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Harwood Dental – Why people choose a private dentist in Bolton

There are some dental treatments that simply aren’t available on the NHS. As much as you might want a dental implant or tooth whitening treatment, you won’t be able to obtain them anywhere at the subsidised NHS price. You’ll need to purchase them at a private dentist. You might be wondering why anyone opts for private dental treatments that are offered by NHS dentists. Why pay a bigger price for what is effectively the same thing? We can answer that. Private dental treatments that appear the same as NHS treatments are so, in name only.

You can get a filling from both an NHS and a private dentist, but with a private dentist, you have the luxury of choice. Instead of settling for a metal filling, you can choose to have a white filling, which is colour-matched to your teeth, making your treatment much more discreet. Let’s have a look at what sort of other upgrade-type choices opting for a private dentist will give you:

Private hygiene appointments in Bolton

Hygienist appointments – If you’re an NHS patient you will have an annual check-up, unless your teeth require more attention, in which case, you might have a couple of appointments in a year. Even if you’re leaving 6 months between each appointment, that may be enough time for a tooth or gum problem to establish itself in a more severe form than if it had been detected sooner.

Generally speaking, the earlier problems are discovered, the easier they are to correct and the less likely they are to cause you further problems in the future. With a private dentist, you can choose how often you have an appointment and arrange one as soon as you suspect something is wrong. You won’t have to wait as long for a private appointment, as you would an NHS one.

Private orthodontic appointments in Bolton

Orthodontics: If you’re an NHS patient looking to have your teeth straightened, then again your choices are limited. You will receive treatment in the form of a fixed metal brace, which consists of brackets bonded to your teeth and a wire running through them. These types of braces are very effective and will improve your smile, by dragging your teeth gently but firmly into position – that’s if you’re eligible for NHS braces.

However, they are very prominent and the average treatment time is 12 months, with potentially a long wait until you can have them fitted. A private dentist will be able to offer you a number of very discreet options including removable braces, which can be taken out for sociable occasions and are hard to detect the rest of the time.

Among the biggest advantages of using a private dentist is that you can improve your smile cosmetically. You don’t have to put with the limited results a good scale and polish can offer, but instead expect cutting edge restoration and smile-makeover work, along with the chance to have powerfully whitened teeth. Your private Bolton dentists can offer you the luxury of choice and given the shorter waiting times; a lot more convenience. Please give us a call if you’d like to book a consultation with us to find out just how discreetly we can improve your smile.

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