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How Can You Strengthen Your Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be difficult, awkward and painful to live with. Thankfully, our dental practice in Harwood has some great ideas on combating sensitivity and dealing with the problems that are causing it, ultimately giving you stronger, healthier teeth – and something to smile about once again.

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How Can You Strengthen Your Sensitive Teeth

Try sensitive toothpaste

Almost every brand on the market offers a sensitive brand of toothpaste, which works to protect the underlying (and often exposed) layer of dentin, which sits under your tooth enamel. Sensitive toothpaste can be used every day, just as you would a standard toothpaste, and still offers the same benefits.

Check for decay and infection

Book an appointment with your dentist to get to the bottom of what’s causing sensitivity. If it’s localised, perhaps occurring in a single tooth, it might be an infection of the pulp – the bundle of nerves in the heart of the tooth. If this is the case, a root canal (deep clean) and filling should seal and protect the tooth, but in some cases, an extraction may be required.

Check for healthy gums

Your gums are a protective layer for the tooth roots – as well as a strong foundation for chewing and biting forces. Gum recession can lead to these roots becoming exposed over time. If this is the case, a surgical gum graft can help to repair them. The gum tissue will not grow back on its own and gum recession can worsen with time, so it’s essential to see a dentist quickly if you’re concerned.

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Ask for composite bonding

Not only does composite bonding achieve a whiter, more uniform smile, but it can also protect exposed root surfaces by covering them with a special dental resin that’s hardened under UV light.

Ask about fluoride treatment

It might be possible to apply fluoride to the teeth to strengthen the tooth enamel and combat pain and sensitivity. This can sometimes be done at home with custom-made trays. This type of treatment is also sometimes offered to young children, to help prevent decay from occurring in the smile.

Please speak to our dentists in Harwood today

We know the value of a healthy, happy smile – it’s why we prioritise our patients’ oral health every single day at our Harwood dental practice. To enquire about our treatments, book a dental consultation or follow up on a past treatment, get in touch with our expert team in Harwood today.

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