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Dental Implants in Bolton, Harwood

How Dental Implants Anti-Age Your Smile

You probably don’t consider dental implants to be anti-ageing, but these replacement teeth are just that. Here’s a few reasons why – and some information about tooth implants in general, which our dentists hope makes any decision-making that bit easier!

A quick guide to dental implants

Dental implants are false teeth that are physically implanted into your jaw bone. They’re part-metal and part-porcelain, which means you can enjoy a realistic appearance as well as durability. In fact, they should never need replacing (providing you follow a good oral care routine). Our patients love dental implants because they replace missing teeth permanently, and are as easy to care for as your natural smile.

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How are tooth implants realistic?

Well, dental implants use a porcelain crown part which can be colour-matched to your teeth. This makes it much less likely that someone will spot it’s not a natural tooth. Because the rod part of the implant is inserted into your jaw bone, and the crown is at gum level, there shouldn’t be any metal showing in your smile at all.

How are dental implants anti-ageing?

Missing teeth can be incredibly ageing – in fact, they can make you look far older than you are. It follows, then, that dental implants have the opposite effect, and can help cover any gaps in your smile. In addition, if you have your teeth whitened before tooth implant treatment, they’ll be matched to your new smile, helping create a seamless appearance.

What about the rest of my appearance?

It’s a great question! Did you know that your teeth actually support the structure of your face? Think about when someone removes their dentures – the surrounding lips and chin can take on a sunken appearance. Therefore, using tooth implants in those spaces can give you a ‘lift’ and create a more youthful appearance.

How else can dental implants help?

Missing teeth can make it more difficult to speak clearly; replacing them can help fix this problem. They can also give you a huge boost of confidence, especially if you’ve been shy about your smile or have felt the need to hide it (or smile less).

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Helping you smile happily

Our dentists want to help your smile look its best with dental implants– that’s why we’re committed to caring for patients in Harwood, Bolton and beyond. To book an appointment or a tooth implant consultation, get in touch with our team of dentists today!

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