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Let your smile reach your eyes with adult orthodontics

When people come to Harwood Dental Care for adult orthodontics in Greater Manchester, many of them have become skilled at masking their teeth when they talk. It’s not unusual to meet a patient who has a range of mannerisms designed to divert your gaze from their mouth to their hands.

We often find, too, that someone who is truly uncomfortable with their teeth will only give a closed mouth smile, cautiously guarding their teeth from the view of others, especially if there’s a camera present to capture the moment.

If this sounds familiar, you may not realise that your reluctance to give a wide, open lipped smile with your teeth on full display could be affecting your mood and even reaching your eyes.

A full smile lifts the corners of the mouth far more than a close lipped smile and activates the muscles in your mid face. These same muscles create the ‘smiling eyes’ that people associate with laughter lines and a warm smile that can be seen in the eyes as well as the mouth.

Researchers from Michigan State University in 2011 found that people who fake their smile or just give a ‘surface’ smile that doesn’t go to the eyes tend to experience lower moods and may even withdraw from everyday tasks. The research found that women found this ‘surface acting’ experienced more negative consequences as a result of not smiling in an open and genuine way.

Other studies have found that the benefits of smiling are extensive. For one thing, smiles are contagious and, if you greet the world with a broad, open smile, the chances are that people will respond in kind. Feeling confident about your smile can help to release endorphins, lower your stress and anxiety levels, and strengthen your immune system.

Research has also found that people who smile lots are perceived as more attractive, approachable, comfortable in their own skin, and even better leaders than someone who’s reluctant to smile.

For all of these reasons, the decision to have adult orthodontics can be life-changing, and not just in terms of how you view your physical appearance. Are you ready for a smile that reaches your eyes?

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