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Private vs NHS dentist in Bolton

Nobody is disputing the fact that the NHS is an incredible institution, unrivalled in the world, but it would be misleading to say that it isn’t limited. The dental budget that funds the NHS can only stretch so far and that isn’t as far as cosmetic procedures. One of the main reasons why more patients are seeking private dental care, stems from the ability of private dentists to offer patients a wider choice about how they’d like their teeth to look. They want a range of cosmetic dentistry options and this choice simply isn’t available on the NHS.

The NHS is good for basic annual check ups

Obviously there are plenty of people who are happy with how their smile looks aesthetically and simply need a basic dental check up once a year. For these people the NHS is perfect. NHS dentists cannot afford to be particularly flexible with their time slots, so if you need a 15 to 30 minute appointment every six months or a year, The NHS is perfect. There are certainly plenty of patients who are using the service.

Private dentists make convenience a priority

Recently MPs have experienced an increase in complaints about constituents being unable to register with an NHS dentist in their area. This is because many NHS practices are already full. This, coupled with the fact that private monthly dental finance plans make private dentists affordable to all, could be another reason why people in greater numbers are seeking private dental health care. It’s convenient! You certainly will be able to find a private dentist in your area, where you can register as a patient. If you are in Bolton then Harwood Dental is your local practice.

NHS dentists have been accused of performing too many extractions

As the NHS system is so strictly constrained by time, it’s not surprisingly that some newspapers have reported an increase in extractions. If you were to see a dentist here at the Harwood Dental practice, with a concern, we would provide you with the precise treatment necessary to solve your tooth complaint. If you wanted root canal surgery to save a tooth, we would supply it. We wouldn’t simply extract a problem tooth because the procedure is quicker and easier than root canal treatment.

However, this is what a Times investigation claims NHS dentists doing. The argument laid out in the published article claims that given an NHS dentist is paid the same amount to perform complicated and time-consuming root canal surgery, as a quick and easy extraction, NHS dentists are opting for the latter. If this is the case, patients may be losing teeth unnecessarily. This article used figures provided by the BDA, which details a real increase in extractions since the last NHS dental contract with the government, to back up their claims.

What can your private Bolton dentist do?

Here at Harwood Dental, we offer some services that can be performed by NHS dentists and some that can’t, such as:

  • smile makeovers
  • orthodontic braces; in a number of different discreet varieties
  • implant dentures; modern replacement tooth technology that prevents your mouth muscles from wasting and atrophy of the jawbone.

When you come to our NHS dentist in Bolton with a problem, we will work hard to assess the exact nature of the complaint and provide you with the most appropriate treatment, giving you a better chance of leaving our surgery with your natural teeth in tact. We will take the time necessary to perform the job well. If you’d like to join our practice, please give our reception team a call to book an appointment time that is convenient for you.


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