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Bite problems Invisalign braces fix

Invisalign creates beautiful smiles in more relative comfort than braces, and in order to do so they need to be good at positioning your teeth. There are a number of bite issues that can be solved by Invisalign which may even help your enunciation and your mouth function, as well as your comfort levels. We’re all well aware of the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign, but are there bite benefits too?

The bite problems that Invisalign braces fix

An underbite is characterised by your lower jaw and lower row of teeth jutting out past your upper row of teeth, creating an imbalance appearance and prominent chin. Because your upper row sits further away from your lower, it could rob the upper row of teeth of their function. You could also experience discomfort and stiffness in your lower jaw and joints because of the stress placed on your teeth in this unnatural position.

A deep bite sees your upper row of teeth sitting on top of your lower teeth when at rest. This kind of misalignment can place a lot of pressure on your lower teeth, grinding them down and even pushing them backwards further out of alignment. A deep bite can also lead to joint discomfort because of the constant pressure and tension pushing down on your lower face.

A crossbite occurs when your upper and lower rows of teeth don’t fit together uniformly, sitting slightly off-centre with each other and therefore creating this image of ‘X’. A crossbite could greatly affect your jawbone health because of the unnatural positioning of your jaws, but also because your teeth are being pulled in ways they shouldn’t be and therefore their roots are under strain.

An open bite is seen when you close your mouth or bite down and your back teeth close together, but your front teeth don’t meet in this same way. They can cause speech impediments and lead to the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) in severe cases. TMJD occurs when something stops your jaw from working properly and often results in pain in the neck, shoulders, temples, and jaw.

Gapped teeth aren’t necessarily a bite issue, but they do leave the door open for some worrying dental maladies. Gapped teeth leave gums and tooth surfaces exposed when they should be covered, for example, which leads to an increased risk of gum disease and cavities. Closing these gaps helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it does undeniably improve their cosmetic appearance too.

Overly crowded teeth are another common dental issue that may not technically be a bite issue, but they can affect your jaw and dental health too. Overcrowded teeth create a lot of uneven surfaces that are difficult to clean and therefore are more than capable of harbouring plaque build-up. This leads to a heightened risk of decay and potential gum disease, that which Invisalign braces could solve.

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