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How adult braces could prevent bad breath

Arguably, these are the two big teeth taboos when it comes to meeting new people: crooked teeth, and bad breath. In fact, according to the official website for National Smile Month, our teeth and smiles are rated the second most important attractive feature by both and women after our personality. If our first impressions are partially being based on our smiles and dental hygiene, then our cleanliness is important. If our dental health is so important to us, the people we encounter, and those closest to us, why do we not pay it adequate attention? If nothing is the matter then we may pay it no mind, but we surely would if it were to suddenly take a turn for the worse! This is why we champion preventative dental care and the use of braces for health benefits.

What is the logic behind this claim?

The problems of bad breath and uneven teeth could actually be solved in one easy and neatly packaged solution: adult braces. There is plenty of evidence to prove that adult braces can lessen your chances of bad breath and improve your dental health, not to mention your smile.

Bad breath occurs most commonly when food gets stuck in certain parts of our teeth. If we have cavities, small chips, or gaps between our teeth, food can and will get caught in them. Sadly, no matter how small the piece of trapped food is, bacteria will be attracted to it.

It’s the presence of these bacteria and the toxins they produce that negatively affect our breath. They sit on our teeth and break down the food, releasing acid that not only erodes our teeth but that also comes accompanied by an unpleasant smell. This is the toxin that makes good breath turn bad.

So, how do adult braces come into this?

Adult braces straighten the teeth, creating fewer gaps and more uniformity. The fewer gaps there are between your teeth, the less food can get caught between them. This means that, with increased uniformity, you could achieve fresher breath and a straighter smile in one package.

Furthermore, adult braces reposition teeth that may be overlapping. The problem with crooked teeth is that the food and sugars can become trapped in the hard-to-reach places that overlap. The more nooks and hideaways there are in your teeth, the harder it is to clean them effectively since most of the surface is hiding from your efforts. By straightening your teeth with adult orthodontics, you increase the surface area of teeth and can clean them more effectively, limiting the food and bacteria that can dwell there. Straighter teeth = better breath!

The same benefits can be said for tooth decay. By moving the teeth into the gaps that food and bacteria would occupy, we can lessen their exposure to the harmful toxins that eat away at them. When closing these gaps using adult braces, we limit the chances of food exposure and therefore the development of tooth decay.

However, the term ‘adult braces’ can put some people off. If you immediately find yourself thinking of fixed, traditional, metal braces that give off the train-track effect, then think again. Harwood Dental Care offer no less than 4 discrete options for adult orthodontics!

More and more people are realising that teeth straightening isn’t just for your teenage years. It is readily available whenever you choose and can now be almost invisible on your teeth while still delivering fantastic results.

The next step

There are plenty of benefits to adult braces in Bolton, from a straighter and more uniform smile to better breath and dental hygiene. They’ve never been more accessible, so contact our dental practice today to book your free initial consultation!

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