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Five benefits of Invisible and discreet braces in Bolton

A lot of us have preconceived perceptions of braces. Thoughts of painful, metal tracks permanently across our teeth for years. But there are actually so many other options for teeth alignment, especially for those who would rather keep the fact they’re wearing braces under wraps. If you’re an adult in a professional environment or a self-conscious teen, then invisible braces are the perfect solution for you.

At Harwood Dental Care in Bolton, we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high service and our caring approach to modern dentistry. At our dental practise, we offer three clear brace and aligner systems:


The Invisalign range is globally respected and highly rated. They have helped to create over 5 million new smiles and are removable, meaning activities like eating and cleaning your teeth are not disrupted. They are an incredibly popular option in clear braces.

Simply Smile

The Simply Smile range are clear, ceramic brackets with tooth-coloured wires. They aren’t completely invisible like the Invisalign range, but they are very discreet. This treatment focuses on improving your smile rather than your bite. The brace aims to straighten your front six teeth, which are usually the teeth people see when you smile.

Six Month Smiles

The Six Month Smiles range is a tooth-coloured orthodontic system and like the Simply Smile braces, they are very discreet. The tooth-coloured wires are very difficult to see and even when noticed, they are very subtle. The entire treatment process is around six to nine months, meaning you will have a new, beautiful smile in less than a year. The length of time regular metal braces take can be very off-putting for some, making Six Months Smiles a very popular choice.

Different braces suit different budgets and requirements, meaning anyone can have the smile they desire. Here are five benefits of having invisible and clear braces at our Bolton dental practice.

1. Braces and aligners can fix a multitude of orthodontic problems. Not just for straightening teeth, Invisalign for example is great for fixing bite problems. Overbites, underbites and crossbites for example are all perfectly treatable with clear braces.

2. Discreet and invisible braces are incredibly comfortable! They are custom made and the elements of plastic in their design make them much more comfortable and lightweight than metal braces.

3. A benefit to the Invisalign range is the removability factor. This means that you can eat without them in and your brushing won’t be affected as you’ll be able to reach all of your teeth.

4. If you have large gaps in your teeth, this means that food is more likely to get caught in these gaps regardless of your brushing. When food is stuck between teeth, your risk of developing gum disease is much higher. Discreet and clear braces will straighten your teeth, reducing the size of gaps and therefore lowering your risk of gum disease.

5. The biggest benefit of discreet and invisible braces is of course, their concealed appearance. For many people, they may want to hide the fact they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Whether you are an adult in a professional environment or a young person worried about your appearance and comments from classmates, invisible braces are the solution for a beautiful smile.

If you think discreet and clear braces are the solution to your new smile, then call Harwood Dental Care in Bolton for a consultation on 0120 304568. Alternatively, you can email us at

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