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Harwood Dental – How Discreet are Six Month Smiles Braces?

When was the last time someone looked at your teeth and you felt embarrassed? Do you feel that your teeth attract negative attention? Teeth are key when others form first impressions of us. If this wasn’t the case then there wouldn’t be so much research into the fact that employers tend to promote staff with straighter teeth first.

It has also been reported that people who use dating websites are more likely to have success if they don’t reveal their crooked teeth. Could Six Month Smiles be the answer to your tooth awkwardness? The two main things that tend to put adults off seeking orthodontic treatment are:

  1. The perception that during the straightening period; when you’re wearing braces, you’ll be attracting more negative attention to your mouth, than you would ordinarily, given the prominence of most fixed braces.
  2. The length of treatment time. Some fixed braces are designed to be worn for up to 2 years. That’s a long time to spend worrying about food being caught in the wires and the fact that people are judging you because you’re an adult wearing braces.

Six Month Smiles solves both of these issues by providing fast, effective orthodontic braces that will straighten your teeth and give you an enhanced smile makeover in 4-9 months, with 6 months being the average treatment time

Also, instead of using dark metal brackets and wires which show up against a light background, these pioneering braces consist of translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wires. These are far less obvious than traditional braces.

 How do Six Month Smiles braces work?

The reason this leading brand can reduce the treatment time so effectively and provide you with more discreet braces is not because your teeth are moved into position at a greater speed, but rather because the number of teeth that receive treatment is reduced.

Instead of pulling all your teeth into a new alignment, Six Month Smiles braces concentrate on just the front social 6 teeth in your mouth. This means the braces are less cumbersome and have a more targeted focus.

During treatment you’ll wear brackets and have a wire adjusted periodically. The braces will be exerting gentle but firm pressure on the front teeth; the ones others can see when you smile. The braces are the same colour as your teeth. They are designed to not stand out and in as little as four months you could be free from braces altogether, ready to embrace life confidently with a new, more attractive smile!

Look in the mirror. How much to those overlapping or protruding teeth bother you? If the answer is a lot, do you take comfort from the fact that you could potentially be the owner of perfectly straight teeth in just 16 weeks? Who knows, maybe in 18 weeks you could have a new job, or job title and a new partner.

Never underestimate the transformative powers of a great smile. In many surveys, half the population has claimed that a smile is a person’s most memorable feature. If you are ready to find out more, please get in touch with our friendly dental team here in Bolton. We’ll be happy to book you in for a consultation and examine your teeth with a view to deciding whether you could be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles. Please get in touch.

You can also find out about the advantages of 6-month smiles over standard braces or how discreet they are in two of our other blogs.

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