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How Can I Care For My Child’s Teeth?

We like to say we look after patients great and small – they’re all great, but some of them are small children! When it comes to caring for your child’s teeth, we’ve got lots of handy tips and advice, as well as some special ideas, to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

Here at Harwood Dental Care, your friendly Bolton dentist, we’ve got the know-how and the experience to give you and your family healthy teeth for life. We know that it’s essential to get those good habits in place early, and we know that children are the most important thing in our lives – so this post can go a long way in giving you the help and support you need for those tiny-yet-mighty teeth.

1. Lead by example

One of the best things you can do to help your child is to be a good role model. Everyone should brush and floss twice a day, so if you can share this with your child, they’ll be more motivated to pick up the toothbrush themselves. Make brushing fun by getting them to copy what you’re doing, and take turns brushing each other’s teeth (or pretending to, if your child can be a bit heavy-handed!). Of course, our Bolton dentists recommend that the younger ones have supervision with their dental routine – especially those under 7.

2. Make it a game

Kids love games, and it’s easy to incorporate a bit of fun into your oral regime. Put on some music, invest in a light-up or timed toothbrush and let them squeeze the toothpaste themselves (remember, most kids should only have a pea-sized amount – and remind them to spit afterwards!). Sing a silly song, or invent your very own toothbrush rap – whatever they’re interested in to get them going! Our dentists here in Bolton might have some bright ideas – don’t be scared to ask next time you see us!

3. See us regularly

If you’re nervous about the dentist, your child may be, too. Get them familiarised early – a trip around the age of 1 is ideal – and ensure you have regular check-ups (we can advise you on when you need to book in). Our Bolton dentists are used to seeing young and anxious patients, and can help put nerves at ease.

4. Focus on food

One of the leading causes of tooth decay is sugar – and not looking after your oral health, of course. Keep an eye on what the kids are eating and drinking and get in touch with your GP if you need help with managing a healthy lifestyle. Remember, there are lots of ‘hidden’ sugars in unexpected foods – for instance, low-fat yoghurt sometimes has more sugar than regular yoghurt, and cereals can often be full of sugar, too.

Book today

If you haven’t seen us recently, you and your child may be due a visit. Get in touch with our team today here at our Bolton dentists and we’ll book you in as soon as we can!

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