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How often should I have a dental checkup in Bolton?

Regular dental checkups will help prevent expensive treatment of tooth problems in the future. Here, at our dental clinic in Bolton, we firmly believe that preventative measures are key to avoiding frustrating mouth pain. Regular appointments only last 15 minutes. We offer early and late appointments in order to fit as seamlessly as possible into your schedule and for your convenience, you have the option of booking appointments online. If you are a new customer, your initial appointment with us will be 30 minutes long, during which time we can have an unhurried discussion about any concerns you may have about your teeth.

The benefits of regular checkups at your Bolton clinic

How many times you see your dentist or hygienist depends on what treatment you may be having. If you have no major problems, your regular appointment may involve cleaning to remove plaque buildup, education about how to keep your mouth healthy and your dentist having a look at any concerns you may have. By having this regular mouth MOT, you can avoid gum disease and consequently, heart disease (as a link has been found between the two) as well as other serious conditions, such as mouth cancer, detected early. We will check your tongue, lips, cheeks and glands for signs of ill health or disease on every visit.

You will also be less likely to experience tooth pain and serious dental problems in the future. Your dentist and hygienist at our Bolton clinic are here to help you. Should a routine checkup detect a need for further treatment, we will be able to give you expert advice on treatment procedure, treatment length and recovery times, as well as how to spread your payments over an affordable period of time.

If you are experiencing tooth pain

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swollen gums, don’t wait for your regular check-up. We would strongly advise you to consider booking another appointment at your earliest convenience. We want to help you avoid more serious mouth problems later on.

Family appointments and your children’s teeth

Family appointments are also available, so we can check your children’s teeth at the same time. Children should have their teeth checked at least as regularly as adults, if not more so because growing adult teeth that require straightening can be dealt with in a more stress-free manner at an earlier age. It’s also important to check that children are managing to brush their teeth effectively enough to prevent food deposits from being left on their teeth, as this can lead to tooth decay and consequently gum disease.

If you are a first-time customer of the Harwood Dental Clinic in Bolton please give our expert team of dentists a call to book your first appointment and comprehensive examination. If you are an existing customer please don’t forget that scheduling regular appointments will prove less costly and less painful than leaving tooth problems until they reach a more developed stage. Please get in touch.

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