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What to do if you have loose teeth

Gone are the days of the tooth fairy visiting you to reward you for your loose tooth! This was so exciting when we were younger, but if you’re an adult experiencing a loose tooth then you’re probably feeling the opposite of elated. With no tooth sheltering behind this adult counterpart ready to take its place, a loose tooth is nerve-wracking and could spell serious worry for your smile. Let’s explore what causes loose teeth and how to treat them.

Causes of loose teeth

An injury to your teeth or impact trauma is one of the most obvious ways to knock a tooth loose. Whether through a sports accident, sudden biting down on impact, or complete accident, a tooth injury can seriously endanger your smile. Even clenching and grinding can cause loose teeth and damage their supportive tissues and gums. Many people are unaware of these involuntary movements, so you may not realise why your teeth are beginning to wobble.

Gum disease is one of the most common ways to develop loose teeth. The inflammation and infection of the gums is caused by bacteria and plaque, which eat away at this supportive tissue. When our plaque hardens it forms a substance called tartar which causes our gums to recede, creating gaps that can easily become infected. This loosens a tooth’s foundations and takes away its firm rooting, worrying it into a wobble.

Pregnancy comes hand-in-hand with changing hormone levels, most notably oestrogen and progesterone, that also affect your bones and teeth. These changes will resolve after pregnancy and they are entirely natural, but they are a contributing factor to loose teeth at the time. Dental check-ups while you are pregnant are perfectly safe, as are routine cleanings, so you should definitely visit your dental hygienist to avoid tooth loss.

Treating loose teeth

Treating loose teeth can be as simple as visiting your dental hygienist. Ensuring a healthy mouth is paramount to keeping your teeth safe, which is why we pay special attention to your gums and overall oral hygiene. Our treatments are likened to preventative dentistry because we can not only treat conditions like gum disease in the present, but also prevent their development in the future. Regular hygiene visits help you to reduce your risk of gum disease, treat any current symptoms of it, reduce gum recession and inflammation, and ensure more secure teeth.

This is the part of the post that you knew was coming, but we’re dentists so we have to reiterate: maintain regular cleaning habits! Food build-up on your gums and in the gaps in your teeth attract bacteria which feast there, their toxins preying on your surfaces. This causes gum disease, which in turn causes loose teeth. We champion preventative dentistry, so we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t indulge how simple it is to maintain healthy and stable teeth from the comfort of your own bathroom sink. Brush morning and night, floss, and rinse your mouth with clean water after sweet or acidic foods to stop your teeth and gums falling prey to damage.

At Harwood Dental Care in Bolton, your dental and oral health are our main priorities. Prevent loose teeth and all other manner of dental health calamities by booking your appointment today. Call 01204 304568 or enquire online.

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