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What are the advantages of dental implants over dentures?

If you have several missing teeth, you may be wrestling with the decision of whether to have partial dentures or dental implants. It’s something we see all the time when people come into our Bolton dentist to discuss teeth implants.

Certainly, there are many reasons why people have partial dentures – they’re initially less expensive than dental implants, they can be created relatively quickly and they don’t require surgery.

However, when it comes to replacing missing teeth, no other treatments can really compete with dental implants.

Why? Well, in our opinion, dental implants have a number of distinct advantages such as:


The titanium implant is embedded in your jaw bone so that it acts as a replacement root. Your bone will then ossify around the implant, giving it strength that’s comparable to a natural tooth. This is a lot more secure than removable dentures that can slip out at any moment.

Bone preservation

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jaw bones to grow and remodel, ensuring that they keep their definition and strength over time. When you lose one or more teeth, this stimulation stops at the site of the missing teeth and you can end up with bone loss. This is one of the reasons that dentures can start off as a good fit but become looser over time – the underlying jawbone that supports them loses some its density and structure.

Because the titanium implant is placed in the bone, it stimulates bone growth in the same way that a root does, protecting your facial structure and function.


Once your dental implants are in place, they are much easier to maintain than dentures. This is because they need cleaning and flossing in just the same way as your natural teeth. This is a lot more convenient than removable dentures as cleaning these can feel more like a chore than a daily habit. By cleaning your implants regularly and attending regular dental check-ups, our dental implants in Bolton have the potential to last a lifetime.


One of the big worries people have when they wear dentures is that they will move or even ‘gap’ away from their gums when they’re talking or eating. Denture wearers often find that there are certain foods they daren’t eat for fear of moving their dentures. As our dental implants in Bolton are fused with your jaw bone, they are completely stable and will restore the natural function of your bite.

Cost effective

People often tell us that they’re worried that dental implants won’t be affordable for them. In fact, given the potential for each implant to last a lifetime with the right care, they are often one of the most long-term cost effective restorations available. This is because you will not need to pay for new restorations every few years.

Dental implants are incredibly well tolerated. To discuss whether they would be the right option for you, we’d like to invite you along to Harwood Dental Care in Bolton for a free, no-obligation consultation. Simply call us on 01204 304568 to book.

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