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Our Guide On Getting Dental Implants

Are you interested in a durable, permanent solution to tooth loss? Are you tired of trying alternatives like dentures, or maybe you have a single tooth that needs replacing? Whatever the reason you’re looking at dental implants, we hope this little guide helps. 

Reasons for investing in dental implants

We recognise that implants can be a more pricey alternative when treating tooth loss (especially compared to dentures), however, we also say that they are an investment because they pay off in the long term. If you care for your smile properly and attend regular check-ups, there’s no reason your new tooth implants shouldn’t last a lifetime. 

Dental implants can also come with some great oral health benefits. Thanks to permanently replacing a missing tooth (or teeth), you can prevent gum and bone recession, as the replacement will work to improve the bone density. 

A guide to dental implant treatment

Treatment for tooth implants is simple and low-risk, despite involving minor surgery. You’ll have a small incision made in your gum, then a metal post inserted, which bonds with the underlying bone over time. When healed, a crown is fitted to fully replace and restore the missing tooth. 

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Aftercare for your new tooth implants

Part of the tooth implants process is aftercare – that is, looking after your mouth, teeth and gums properly and caring for the site of the implant. Your dentist will talk you through the aftercare involved in great detail, however, it’s worth remembering a few pointers:

– To begin with, eat only soft foods and avoid eating anything which could get stuck in the implant site.

– Use over-the-counter pain killers for as long as required/directed.

– Rinse the area with antiseptic mouthwash twice a day during healing, or use warm saltwater. 

– Avoid brushing the area until the stitches have been removed or have dissolved. 

– Do NOT smoke, which can affect the healing process.

Warning signs to look out for

Though 90-95% of dental implant procedures are successful, it’s worth keeping an eye on the site and watching for any problems. These could include a loose or wobbly implant; significant pain; sudden or continuous bleeding; and pain and swelling that doesn’t stop with pain relief. In any of these situations, contact us immediately.

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