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Surprising Oral Health Benefits With Dental Implants

Here at our Harwood dental practice, our dentists highly recommend tooth implants as a treatment for missing teeth. Whether one missing tooth, several missing teeth in different locations, or entire sets of missing teeth, dental implants can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

But beyond that, tooth implants also have some surprising oral health benefits. In this post, our dentists discuss what these are.

Reduced chance of oral infections

With missing teeth comes the possibility of oral infection. This is because the space where the tooth was leaves gum tissue exposed. An infection can easily take hold here, even from something as simple as chewing food. Oral infections can also spread to other areas of the body, causing further health concerns.

Less chance of gum disease

Leading on from the above, missing teeth can actually cause plaque to build-up in the gaps, leading to inflammation and sensitivity in the gums. In time, this can develop into full-blown gum disease. Tooth implants can actually prevent this problem because there’s less spaces for plaque to gather. With healthier gums, comes less possibility of losing teeth in the future.

Reduced chance of bone loss

One of the most serious complications of missing teeth is the impact on the underlying jawbone. In a healthy smile, the teeth apply pressure to the jawbone through chewing, which helps to preserve it. Without this pressure, there’s a risk that the bone is reabsorbed into the body. In fact, this can also cause problems with those seeking dental implants, because these false teeth need to anchor to the jawbone. In cases where there’s bone loss, a bone graft it sometimes required before the tooth implants are anchored in place.

Less pain

Many of those with missing teeth can find it difficult to chew and eat, and some of them also experience pain. This is because certain foods could be harming the gums, or you might be using the ‘wrong’ teeth to bit and chew. For a healthy, pain-free smile, dental implants could well be the answer, as they help provide structure and support to teeth and are as strong, durable and effective as your natural ones. That means you’re free to eat any diet you choose, without fear of pain, sensitivity or wobbly teeth – and no need to mash food before eating, either.

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