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The ultimate guide to Six Month Smiles in Bolton

Have you noticed recently that the residents of Bolton seem to have perfect smiles? How are they doing it? It could be that they’re getting braces fitted at the local Harwood Dental clinic because we’ve been helping a lot of people to straighten their teeth with a view to boosting their confidence about their smiles.

If you’re looking for braces that are effective, short-term and extremely cost-effective, Six Month Smiles might be the perfect solution. The clue is in the name and once you opt for this braces system you can expect to be smiling with confidence in just six months.

If you’re looking to get your front teeth straightened, the social six, as these six front teeth  are known (because they are the teeth you can’t really avoid showing to the world) can be corrected in an extremely stress free manner with Six Months Smiles. This braces in a box kit is a great inexpensive substitute for heavy duty braces and wearing them for just 6 months will cure crowding problems, close gaps between the teeth and stop protruding upper and lower front teeth from sticking out. Please bear in mind that they are designed to solve mild to moderate cases of unalignment. If you present a particularly serious case of teeth protrusion or overcrowding to the dentist, you may be advised to wear the braces for up to 9 months.

The treatment involves having ultra clear brackets glued to the teeth and flexible tooth coloured wires inserted.  You’ll visit the dentist every month during the treatment time to have new wires and elastics fitted, as well as regular thorough check ups to ensure that your teeth are moving in the direction they should be. Appointments are fast and you’ll experience little discomfort.

You will wear the braces on a permanent basis for the allotted time, which, as we’ve mentioned, will depend on the alignment of your teeth and how much they need to move, but rest assured the braces are safe and hygienic. You’ll be advised on how to keep them clean.

For a low cost orthodontic treatment that will straighten mildly to moderately crooked front teeth, look no further than braces from 6 Months Smiles. Our highly qualified dentists here at Harwood Dental will be able to answer any questions you might have about the procedure and treatment times. Why not give us a call and book an initial consultation to find out more.

Also, should you discover that you need to have more than just your front teeth straightened to perfect your smile, the dentist will be able to give you all the information you need about a more suitable braces system. Our cosmetic treatments are safe and provided by experts.

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