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Types Of Dental Implants: Which Is Better For You

You might have already heard of dental implants – clever false teeth that look just like the real thing. But which is the best option for your smile, and what’s on offer here in Harwood? Let our expert team of dentists be your guide.

What dental implants are

As we’ve already touched on, dental implants – also known as tooth implants – are permanently implanted false teeth. This means they have a strong and sturdy foundation for biting and chewing, and those who have them as a restorative treatment are able to enjoy a normal diet.

Reasons for treatment

It’s not just eating and drinking the diet you love. Many people with missing teeth can feel incredibly self-conscious about their smiles. In the worst cases, they may stop going out and seeing friends. Tooth implants are also part of maintaining your oral health – with missing teeth, you’re at risk of gum and, eventually, jawbone recession. This can make it much harder to enjoy the thing you used to.

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Types of dental implants available

There are single dental implants, which replace individual teeth; dental bridges, where fixed anchor points are implanted with false teeth in between; and implant dentures, where one or both sets of teeth are full implants, held in place with a special press stud-like system.

Good candidates for treatment

Most people are suitable for tooth implant treatment, subject to a consultation. Even people who may have some gum recession could be eligible for treatment, with other interventions like grafting. That’s why it’s important to talk to your dentist at the earliest opportunity, to see how we could help here in Harwood.

Treatment timelines

Tooth implants are a highly successful procedure, implanted through a small incision in the gum. A metal root part is inserted first – with a ceramic crown fitted after healing, and a temporary one worn in between. The whole process, from start to finish, takes a few months to complete.

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Starting treatment

A consultation helps work out whether dental implants are an appropriate treatment for your smile. You can book one quickly and easily at our Harwood dental practice – just talk to our team.

Success stories

Still on the fence about treatment? Then you could benefit from taking a look at our patient reviews. These are real testimonials from our amazing patients in and around the Harwood area, some of whom have undergone this specific treatment. Don’t forget to visit our social pages, too!

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