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What To Look For In An Invisalign Provider In Bolton

Invisalign braces are a fantastic way to straighten your smile and are hugely popular among our Bolton patients. But any kind of brace is a big investment of your time and money, and you’ll want to get it right the first time. So if you’re new to braces and want to know what to look for in an Invisalign provider, read on and we’ll explain.

What To look for in an Invisalign Provider in Bolton

Expertise of Invisalign

If your Invisalign provider lacks experience, treatment might take longer than usual, or they may not be able to advise you on answers to your questions. They might also have worked with fewer patients, and be less knowledgeable about aspects of your treatment. At our dental practice in Bolton, our Invisalign dentists undergo extensive training to carry out treatment and we’ve helped countless patients straighten their smiles.


In some cases, Invisalign braces might not be the best choice for straightening your smile. This typically happens in situations where there are extreme bite problems. If we feel Invisalign braces wouldn’t be appropriate for your care, we’ll advise you on alternative treatments or specialists who can help. We will never recommend a treatment we don’t feel will benefit you.

Affordability of Invisalign

Our Bolton dentists understand that cost can affect your decision to go ahead with a private treatment such as Invisalign aligners. That’s why we offer interest-free finance on many procedures (subject to the usual checks). We think everyone should be able to access the treatments that will benefit them.


When you choose our Bolton dental practice for your clear aligners, you’ll get a cutting-edge experience. It begins with 3D scans of your smile, followed by 3D printed Invisalign aligners, with a new set to wear every few weeks. This helps guide your teeth into their new positions slowly and gently, ensuring you’re comfortable during your treatment, with most patients only experiencing mild pressure when switching aligners. You’ll be given a ‘digital roadmap’ of how your teeth will move, as well as predicted results – which means you can feel confident that every element of your treatment is in safe hands.


Although this one isn’t as important as the rest on our list, it’s still worth considering. We’re based in Bolton and help patients with every aspect of their smiles, whether they’re local or slightly further afield. But for those living in and around Bolton, it couldn’t be easier to start your treatment.

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