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How do get stubborn children in the habit of brushing their teeth

Getting kids to brush their teeth can seem like an impossible task. Yet it is so important for them to develop their dental care. But whether you’ve given up hope completely, or you just need a few tips to encourage them to get brushing, you’re in the right place – today’s blog, from our expert Bolton dentists, will share some great ways for getting teeth in tip-top condition.

Model good behaviour

Children often learn by copying, so seeing you keeping to a good teeth-cleaning routine can help spark their interest and get them caring for their own smile. Brush together as a family, or simply let them watch how you handle all those nooks and crannies and different angles. You could even let your child ‘have a go’ at brushing your teeth – which can help if they feel a bit scared or nervous about doing it on themselves.

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Reward top brushing

Kids sometimes need some incentive to pick up good habits – and no, we don’t mean sweets. A sticker or reward chart for the very young could get them brushing, and for older kids, you could try extra screen time or doing an activity together. Whatever it is, it’s a great way to encourage brushing and ensure that good habits are established early, lasting a lifetime.

Think accessories

A toothbrush in their favourite colour, a fun timer or a unique tumbler to keep their bits together – all these things can make caring for teeth a lot more exciting for young kids. Electric toothbrushes are also a great choice and come in many popular styles like Disney and Marvel. Of course, you should always supervise young children when they brush.

Make it fun

Dancing and brushing? Brushing in time to music? There are lots of ways to make caring for little teeth a little more interesting. After all, if it’s fun, children are more likely to want to do it.

Help them feel comfortable

Children may have a natural feel of the dentist – not knowing what to expect, or thinking it might be painful or scary to have a treatment. By getting your child familiar with the dentist early on, and ensuring they’re regularly seen for routine treatments like scaling and polishing, your child will be more likely to embrace their own routine.

Talk to the experts in Bolton

Still, struggling with a stubborn brusher? Then you might need to call in the experts. Our team of Bolton dentists can help make children feel happy and confident about their smile – and look after it, too. Arrange a check-up by getting in touch with our team, or for more advice and insights, take a look at our other blogs.

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