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Why children’s dental care is so important

2% of 3 years olds are believed to be affected by tooth decay and it’s rarely visible on just one tooth. On average the decay was found on 3 teeth in each affected child’s mouth. Caused by bacteria that combines with sugars and starches to create acid that then attacks the teeth, tooth decay is essentially the destruction of enamel; which is the protective surface of the teeth. If this destruction continues without treatment being sought, then cavities can occur.  

Cavities are holes that require fillings in order to save the tooth. When they are forming, they are painful and cause sensitivity to certain temperatures. It’s highly unlikely that as a parent, you are unwilling to prevent cavities from occurring, so let’s take a look at why your children need to visit the dentist regularly; as soon as their milk teeth appear.  

The significance of milk teeth with decay is widely ignored as everyone knows they’re temporary. However milk teeth decay can disturb the adult teeth lying underneath, causing them damage before they’ve even had a chance to erupt through the gum. This means that your children’s permanent adult teeth are already damaged and potentially requiring urgent dental care, before they emerge. Having to visit the dentist to receive treatment on newly emerged adult teeth will do nothing to prevent your kids from having a fear of the dentist. You could be setting your little ones up for a life filled with tooth pain and a lack of smile confidence from the beginning!  

Teaching lessons for life

Many adults are afraid of visiting the dentist and this often stems for a childhood fear. Taking your child to the dentist will allow them to see that a dental appointment can be fun, interesting and not something that will scare them. In this way, you’ll be introducing them to the benefits of regular dentist checks and hopefully helping them to avoid painful and unnecessary dental health problems in the future. 

When you come to see us with a family appointment, we’ll be able to show you the best brushing techniques and advise you on which foods contain a surprising amount of hidden sugars. We can show you which surfaces of your teeth, you and your little ones have been missing with your toothbrushes, with a view to helping you combat tooth decay in those areas. If tooth decay is present, it will most likely take the form of white spots that appear on the teeth. An area that is light brown in colour could be the beginnings of a cavity. If treatment is required, we can talk about your options and find an appointment time that’s convenient for you.

About Harwood Dental Care’s family appointments

We offer a calm, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in which you’ll have your teeth examined by one of our professional, highly trained dental team. Your child will learn the amount of toothpaste required according to their age and how to get rid of every food deposit in order to prevent toothache and cavities.  If you’d like your kids to start school with a mouth free from decay, please get in touch to register with us. Our reception team will be able to guide you through the registering process, as well as book you in for your first appointment. 

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