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Pros & Cons Of Invisalign

As a team of reputable dental professionals in Harwood, Bolton we help our patients achieve straighter smiles daily. Our top treatment? Invisalign is a revolutionary brace that patients of all ages love. We’ll cover exactly why it’s such a fantastic treatment – and the few drawbacks to be aware of – in today’s post. As always, we’re giving you the full picture so you can make the right choice for your smile.

Pros & Cons Of Invisalign in Harwood, Bolton


Our patients love being able to take Invisalign out any time they wish. It gives them the freedom to wear it when they like – as long as they stick to the recommended 20-22 hours of wear per day. But for situations like eating, school photos, date night and more, it’s possible to remove the Invisalign for a short break. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to wear Invisalign braces overnight. But thankfully, they’re comfortable and quick to get used to.


As the name suggests, Invisalign is an ‘invisible’ brace. This means that most people likely won’t spot it while you’re wearing it. That’s because it’s crafted from clear acrylic and custom-made for each stage of your treatment. It’s also why we recommend using the storage box when you take it out!

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With Invisalign braces, you can see a 3D impression of every stage of your treatment – as well as your anticipated results. This makes it extremely reliable, and you may notice those tiny improvements sooner than you would on other treatments. If you need any last-minute adjustments, that’s fine – in some cases, Invisalign offers a refinement period for that perfect result.


Fantastic braces shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we offer both interest-free and low-interest credit to our patients, giving you options for budgeting your care. After all, everyone deserves a beautiful smile they’re proud to share – and we want everyone to get the treatment they need.


Invisalign braces need no adjusting. They have no wires and brackets. And they aren’t fixed on your smile. They’re simply designed for each small stage of treatment, gently and incrementally nudging your teeth into the right positions to create a smile you’ll love. It’s why they’re great for adults and teens, and it’s why they’re so reliable, too. And many think Invisalign is better than traditional braces.

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