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Are Invisalign better than braces?

Braces have been a stalwart in teeth straightening for decades. They’ve come in many iterations, such as the options that we’re proud to provide, but they’re never one-hundred percent done with their development. In fact, Invisalign have taken fixed braces and developed them so far that they don’t even need to be fixed anymore! So, are Invisalign Aligners better than Traditional braces?

This depends on your definition of ‘better’, but we whole-heartedly believe that Invisalign have far surpassed traditional braces. Through treatment method, what they feel like, and their treatment time, Invisalign have pulled ahead in the race for aligned teeth…

Treatment time

Traditional braces can famously take years to correct your teeth because they force them into their new position. Not only this, but they also need constant check-ups and adjusting that can be done from a dentist’s office. Invisalign, on the other hand, have the average treatment time of just one year! They need no uncomfortable adjustments and your teeth straightening is carried out at home, except when you pop into practice to pick up your next instalment of aligners.

Pain and comfortability

Notoriously, traditional braces are uncomfortable and, some would say, rather painful. Because of their fixed nature, they relentlessly pull and tug your tug into position through force and wires. Even these wires irritate the soft tissues in your mouth when they happen to brush against them. With Invisalign, you receive a series of aligners custom-made for your teeth. These aligners vary very slightly from each other, allowing your teeth to be guided into position through softer pressures. Not only this, but they’re made of a smooth and durable plastic that won’t harm the soft tissues in your mouth.

Fixed vs. Unfixed

Traditional braces are, again very famously, fused to your teeth using dental glue. Because they’re fixed, they limit your diet choices and sometimes cut out your favourite foods. Chewy foods like toffee get stuck in your braces and could possibly break them, but also innocuous foods can get stuck in them and look unattractively lumpy. Invisalign, however, are removable and not fixed at all! You can take them out to eat, brush your teeth, and even for the occasional social event as long as you wear them for around 22 hours a day. Your treatment journey won’t be interrupted, and you can live life to the fullest!


Braces, because of their metal and wires and them being glued to your teeth, aren’t the subtlest way of straightening your teeth. They stand in stark contrast to your teeth and appear bulky on the surface, creating a train-track metal-mouth effect. When compared to Invisalign, it’s really quite clear why so many people opt for the latter. Invisalign aligners are clear and fit over your teeth so they’re practically invisible. But make sure to clean your Invisalign braces.

What they treat

Many people might doubt Invisalign’s treatment capabilities because of how many negatives they turn into positive about braces, but they’re actually quite effective! Braces address your bite and misalignment, but so do these clear aligners. In fact, Invisalign credit themselves as being able to correct overcrowding, an open bite, a cross-bite, gapped teeth, deep bite, and underbite. They don’t just give you a great smile, they actually help the way your teeth and jaws fit together.We’re very excited to offer Invisalign as another valuable addition to our range of discrete braces. If you’d like to discuss your treatment options or would like to know more about what Invisalign in Bolton could do for you, enquire online or speak to a friendly member of the team on 01204 304568 today.

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