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What orthodontic braces are right for me?

Once fitted by your dentist, orthodontic braces will move your teeth from an undesirable position to a desirable one, making your teeth straighter and giving you a more attractive smile. However, with such dazzling array of different braces available in the marketplace, how do you know which ones are right for you and which brand will straighten your teeth effectively in the shortest amount of time? Our dentists here at Harwood Dental in Bolton have been advising customers and fitting braces for many years. We understand the importance of choosing the right brace, so we’ve put together this guide.

Do you actually need braces?

Although they are often associated with teenagers, anybody can wear braces. We have customers in their 50s and 60s who are choosing to straighten their teeth. Adults, who are deciding to improve their smiles, are on the increase, probably because dental care has never been so affordable or advanced. Braces these days are discreet and convenient. An additional reason to consider braces in Bolton is the fact that straighter teeth are less likely to trap food, the biggest cause of plaque and consequently gum disease. Here are a few of the most popular types of braces:

Fast working braces.

Want to have your teeth straightened out in just a few weeks? There are a number of options available. Fast acting braces are often not suitable for aligning all your teeth, just the six at the front known as the social six. These braces in Bolton are great for resolving overcrowding and straightening teeth which stick out.

The Inman aligner can provide straight upper or lower front teeth in as little as just six weeks. It’s the perfect choice for mild problems. They are removable, almost invisible and good value. Simply smile and six months smiles also deal with the social six, although Six months smiles is slightly different as it uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, instead of tray aligners. Treatment time with this brand is 6-9 months. The type that will suit your teeth will be advised by your dentist. Not all brands are suitable for everybody.

Discreet braces

Secret smile braces are extremely discreet because they fit onto the back of your teeth. They’re a favourite with celebrities and again, they concentrate on the social six.

If you need to align more than just the social six, then you will be looking at a slightly longer treatment time. Invisalign are a hugely popular choice given that they are practically invisible, removable and can provide treatment in just nine months. You will be fitted with a series of clear thermoplastic trays specifically developed to move your teeth into position. Every few weeks your dentist will fit you with a new tray until your teeth reach their final destination.

If you’d like to find out more about having your teeth straightened and which braces are most likely to suit you, why not give the Harwood Dental Clinic a call. Our team will be able to give you reliable professional advice and help you book an appointment for an initial consultation.

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